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October 29, 2006

Marine Recruiter Who Seduces Students Gets No Jail Time – And an Honorable Discharge

Posted in: Child Welfare,Crime,Military,Sex Offender

U.S. Marine Sgt. William Moore was a recruiter for the Marines in Brooklyn, New York. He had access to students at their schools and used that access to seduce them. That is horrible enough, but lets look how the judicial and military services let us down.

The prosecutors brought a 33 count indictment on this pervert. The judge, John Walsh, decided to go against the prosecutors demand for jail time and gave him 10 years probation and a level 1 sex offender status. This means this man does not have to report to the local community he lives in as a sex offender.

And then to add icing to the cake, he is given an honorable discharge from the Marines, the very organization that whose reputation he has hurt. Folks, there are bad people out there. When they do evil things, they need to be punished so that they can not do so again, but also to send the signal to others that it is definitely not in their best interests to do so in the future.

Today, in this instance, both the legal system and the Marines have validated that going into a school as a recruiter and seducing the students is just fine with them.

And that is wrong.

Moore, who worked out of a Marine recruiting station on Flatbush Ave. from 2002 until 2005, was a well-known figure at several Brooklyn high schools, including Dewey, James L. Madison and Lincoln.
At Madison, according to his victims, he seemed to have unrestricted access to students, coaching sports teams and chatting up girls in the school lunchroom.
In February, he was arrested on a 33-count indictment that charged him with third-degree rape, performing a criminal sex act, sexual misconduct and sexual abuse.
On Aug. 1, he jumped at a plea deal offered by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Walsh over the objections of prosecutors, who demanded jail time.
After admitting to two counts of third-degree rape and one criminal sex act, the Marine was sentenced to 10 years’ probation and designated a Level I sex offender, which spared him from the state’s sex offender registry.
He has since left Brooklyn, relocating to Bliss, N.Y., in upstate Wyoming County.
Moore could not be reached for comment, but his mother said he received an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps last March. via the New York Daily News

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