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October 28, 2006

Al-Qaeda to Canada: Get Out of Afghanistan or Else

Posted in: Homeland Security,Illegal Immigration,War on Terror

Al-Qaeda has issued a warning to Canada, get out of Afghanistan or else they will infict a 9/11 style attack on the country. The threat is interpreted by most experts to manipulate the strong anti war factions in Canadian politics and public opinion.

The threat, attributed to a member of the al-Qaeda information and strategy committee, condemns Prime Minister Stephen Harper for refusing to pull out of Afghanistan.
It also refers to Canada’s “fanatic adherence to Christianity” as well as its purported attempts to “damage the Muslims” and its support for the “Christian Crusade” against al-Qaeda.
“Despite the strong, increasing opposition to spread its forces in the fire of South Afghanistan, it seems that they will not learn the lesson easily,” Hossam Abdul Raouf writes. via the National Post

Canada has a very liberal immigration policy that has allowed many terrorists into their country. My guess is that the assets are already in place by Al-Qaeda if they want to attack Canada, they are just waiting for the word. Now the question is, Does Canada have the intestinal fortitude to take on Al-Qaeda or will they roll over?

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