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October 20, 2006

Lieberman has the “Joementum”. So Much for the Democratic Primaries in CT and Ned Lamont

Posted in: Politics

Ned Lamont meet Joementum … Anyone who actually thought that Ned Lamont had a snowballs chance of winning the CT Senate seat was either delusional Joementumor part of the left wing blogosphere who attacked Joe Lieberman unmercifully during the Democratic Primaries. After losing to Lamont in the primaries, Independent Joe Lieberman has been ahead in the polls and has never looked back. Now some polls show that he has a 17 point lead at 52–35%. Lieberman has pretty much a commanding lead in ever poll.

The poll suggested that Lieberman’s support among Republicans and independent voters was substantial.

Lieberman leads Lamont 70 percent to 9 percent among likely Republican voters, with 18 percent for Schlesinger, and 58-36 among likely independent voters. Likely Democratic voters back Lamont, 55 percent to 36 percent.


The pasting that Joe Lieberman is putting on Ned Lamont certainly shows the flaws in partisan primaries. Obviously the primaries no longer represent the will of the majority of a state.  o how long will it be before the New England Democratic Senators come apologizing to Lieberman after they threw him under the bus after the CT Democratic Primaries?

It is most amazing that the Democratic party refers to Republican Senators as a blank check for President Bush, yet when some one who votes 90% of the time with Democrats but supports the war is some how an outcast. Are they really worried about Senators being independent thinkers, or is it they need to independently think and agree like them? Personally, its rather disgraceful how a party tossed Lieberman away like rubbish, just to support a candidate that was anti-war. So much for free thinking, free-willed democrats. So much for being more than a one issue party. A parties hate for a President cannot and should not spill over to a respectable man who has been a true Democrat his entire career. If Joe Lieberman is anything, he is an honorable and decent man that deserved much better treatment than he received from his fellow Democrats. Much better indeed.

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