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December 13, 2011

Christiane Amanpour Out of ABC’s “This Week” Returning to CNN as George Stephanopoulos Returns

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‘This Week’ without David Brinkley will also soon be without Christiane Amanpour …

The less than spectacular run of Christiane Amanpour on ABC’s ‘This Week’ is over. Amanpour will be going back to CNN as former ‘This Week’ anchor George Stephanopoulos will return to anchor “This Week” while remaining on GMA. Let’s face it “This Week” was unwatchable with Christiane Amanpour.

George Stephanopoulos back to ‘This Week’ to remind Obama during interview not to say “his Muslim faith”

George Stephanopoulos is returning to Sunday mornings at ABC News, replacing Christiane Amanpour as host of the political talk show “This Week.”

ABC said Tuesday that Stephanopoulos, who returns Jan. 8, will remain as host of “Good Morning America,” although likely on a four-day schedule. [...]

But the dawning of an American election year seemed to serve her competitors, old Washington hands Bob Schieffer at CBS and David Gregory at NBC, better.

The Sunday morning show was much stronger in the ratings behind Stephanopoulos, who was host from 2002 to 2010. ABC moved him to New York and “Good Morning America,” which has done well in the ratings by teaming him with Robin Roberts.

Amanpour said she was looking forward to getting back out to do more international reporting and speaking to a worldwide audience on CNN, where she worked for more than two decades.

The question that needs to be asked is not why Amanpour is out, that is obvious. The real question is why did ABC go with George Stephanopoulos as her replacement. Haven’t we seen this already? As stated by Hugh Hewitt, why didn’t ABC slot Jake Tapper as the replacement host? The answer, ABC is more worried about putting an Obama puppet in the anchor chair than they are an effective and popular journalist like Tapper. What, attract a new auduaince of center-right viewers and a news abnchor that might actually question and challenge Obama and his minions during an election year. NEVER. This is the liberal and bias MSM after all, they must carry the water for Barack in 2012 because Obama’s record certainly isn’t going to do the trick.

Apparently the risk of attracting center-right viewers by bringing in Tapper who is very tough on everyone, as was the late Tim Russert, was just too big of a risk to run in a year when President Obama needs help from his MSM pals.  Stephanopoulos runs a decent show but, like the 60 Minutes gang did on Sunday night, is never going to hit the president hard with obvious and pressing questions.

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