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October 08, 2006

Joe Torre, NY Yankees Skipper Under Fire

Posted in: Sports

It appears that NY Yankees skipper Joe Torre is under fire for the Bronx Bombers early exit from the MLB playoffs. What a disgrace that would be if Torre was help responsible for a bunch of high priced prima-donnas not doing their job. Joe Torre has been a class act and a phenomenal manager for the Yankee. But of course George Steinbrenner can’t fire his players making up the  200 millions dollar payroll. Maybe the person to blame for the Yankees demise is the fool who purchased all this high priced no talent?

VIDEO of Tigers celebration

Whose fault is it? Maybe its Alex Rodriguez making  25,680,727 a year who batted .071 for the series. Or Gary Sheffield who batted .083.  Or Jason Giambi who did not even play for the deciding game 4. Was it Torre’s? No way. He is a class act and has been a phenomenal manager.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The fallout from the New York Yankee’s playoff defeat to the Detroit Tigers could spell the end of manager Joe Torre’s celebrated run at the helm of the Bronx Bombers.

“Outta Here!” screamed the front-page headline of the Daily News, which reported that club owner George Steinbrenner was expected to fire Torre and hire former Yankee player and manager Lou Pianola.

If anyone thinks that Lou Pianola is the answer that are out of their minds. Because he did such a great job in his last job. The problem has been with the Yankee of late that they think Major League Baseball is Fantasy League Baseball. Just having high prices talent at every position is not the answer, as the owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins that very same question. Check out the salary differential between The NY Yankees and the Detroit Tigers, who won the series 3-1. You think there may be other intangibles like pride, character and desire that make up a “TEAM”? The top 4 NY Yankees highest paid players, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi and Mike Musina make more than the entire Detroit Tigers roster.

New York Yankees 2006 Salaries: $198,662,180

Detroit Tigers 2006 Salaries: $82,302,069

Report: Torre won’t survive Yanks’ collapse, to be fired

According to the New York Daily News, however, the popular Yankees manager will be fired unless he decides to resign first to save face. Sources told the newspaper that former Yankees player and manager Lou Piniella will be owner George Steinbrenner’s choice to replace Torre. (ESPN)

The problem with the NY Yankees, and this comes from a Red Sox fan, they have so few quality and inspired players like Derek Jeter on their roster. Also, there is no way where a teams best player (Derek Jeter) cannot be your highest priced player. Â  Gone are the Paul O’Neil’s and the players that brought intangibles and spirit to the club house. A team needs role players, not just super stars. The Yankees today exist as a bunch of high prices, over-paid, over the hill, lazy players. No hunger or desire to win or even care. What do they care, they are making so much money … winning and losing does not matter.

Watching the Detroit Tigers win and celebrate afterwards with their fans spraying champagne on them was an inspiration and a celebration that baseball needs more of. Baseball is still a “TEAM” sport. Isn’t it amazing what happens when an owner builds a team. The Yankees used to be one, now they are a Fantasy League joke.

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