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March 30, 2005

What Happened To Liberal Tolerance, Ann Coulter Took Care of That

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Liberals used to pride themselves on having all the answers to life’s questions. They used to be able to articulately debate an issue, ask pointed questions and handle themselves with some form of decorum. Now they are reduced to ill-mannered clods who are more intending being disrespectful and disruptive than they are informed. Add the blond fireball Ann Coulter to the mix and you get liberals losing their minds.

As soon as she stepped up to the microphone, Coulter fired off one zinger after another about liberalism while promising to answer questions from left-wing members in the audience who could “thrash their way to a coherent thought.”

Coulter received several standing ovations during her speech, but she also found herself interrupted several times by a small, scattered group of hecklers.

“I think there are some people in the audience who meant to be at the sexual reorientation class down the hall,” Coulter said, in response to the heckling.

Ann Coulter knows exactly what drives libs to the edge and never misses an opportunity to bring them there. The difference is that Ann has the wit and style to go up against anyone and can dish it out is a verbal joust with the best of them. She riles the Left to such a frenzy that all they are reduced to is vulgar jeers and heckling.

In one breadth she is seriously discussing politics and then in mid sentence this comes out:

“Despite Kerry’s loss, Democrats think their political stances and ideas just “need new labels for their bottles” and Coulter resumed her critical remarks, calling Sen. Ted Kennedy a “human dirigible” and the Democrats’ “spiritual leader.”

The effect of it all is leaving Liberal lying in the dust. Their ability to reason, debate, question or form a sentence lost for all eternity. I knew there was a reason why we loved her.

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