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October 02, 2006

Another School Shooting … 6 Dead in Lancaster County, PA Amish School Shooting (Suspect: Charles Carl Roberts IV)

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What is going on? Reports are that 6 people have been confirmed dead in an Amish School AmishschoolshootHouse shooting in Lancaster County, PA. What has been triggering this rash of school shootings where people feel that this is the proper outlet for their anger and frustrations? Earlier today there was another gun incident as well at a southern Nevada High School where schools went into lock down.

  Coroner Reports 6 Dead in Pennsylvania Amish School Shooting

The police told FOX News that it was in fact a hostage situation and that the shooter is now killed. It’s not yet known whether the shooter is among the six deaths reported by the coroner. There were at least 12 people injured, along with the deaths, police said. Not motive is yet known. The school is in Paradise Township on Mine Road, in Bart — an Amish community within the township. There are a total of 27 students in Wolf Rock School, where the shooting took place. (FOX News)

Reports: At least 6 dead in Amish school shooting

The gunman then shot and killed himself, police said. The shooting took place at Wolf Rock School in Paradise, a school run by the Amish community with about 27 students in grades 1 through 8. (CNN)

UPDATE: ‘Revenge’ Possible Motive In Pa. Amish School Shooting

NICKEL MINES, Pa. —  At least two female students and one slightly older female — who may have been a teacher’s aide — were shot and killed execution style in what police say may be a revenge killing for something that happened 20 years ago.

Roberts had wire ties and plastic flex cuff, which he used to begin tying the hostages feet together after they were lined up along a blackboard. He let go 15 male students, as well as one adult female who was pregnant. Three other non-student females with infants were also allowed to leave. One shotgun and one handgun was found next to the suspect when police entered the building. “It seems as though he wanted to attack young, female victims,” Miller said. (FOX News)

UPDATE II: Killer hid dark secrets for years

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA – The portrait of Charles Carl Roberts IV painted by his family and neighbors is that of a devoted husband who could be seen kicking the soccer ball with his three kids and laughing as they jumped on a backyard trampoline.

But the suicide notes he scribbled before shooting 10 Amish girls Monday portray a much darker personality — that of a man tortured by the stillborn death of his first child, and someone secretly fixated by a mysterious, long-held grudge.

“In one note he references an incident that occurred 20 years ago and suggests that incident was a factor in his actions,” Lancaster County District Attorney Donald Totaro said today. (Lancaster on-line)

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