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September 30, 2006

Al Gore … Cigarette Smokers are evil, “Significant” Contributors to Global Warming

Posted in: Bizarre,Politics

What is up with these ex-Democratic Presidents and ex-Presidential candidates lately. HaveAl Gore they all but lost their minds? They have at least forgot about their own pasts.  Rather convenient. The rants of Al Gore and global warming make it a must see event if if actually runs for the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2008. Al, please run … I beg you. Gore seems to keep forgetting about his 1998 run for the presidency.

Former Presidential hopeful Al Gore tried to scared the world on Thursday that cigarette smokers cause “global warming”.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff on Thursday evening about the perils of climate change, claiming: Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!”

Gore, who was introduced by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, said the world faces a “full-scale climate emergency that threatens the future of civilization on earth.”

What really was the purpose of this event to tell the UN of global warming doom? Let’s just say Al had an agenda.

Then, Gore had his staff opened a stack of cardboard boxes to begin selling his new Luckystrikebook, “An Inconvenient Truth, The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It,” $19.95, to the U.N. diplomats.  (Drudge Report)

So somehow cigarette smokers are more damaging than the rest of the non-smokers of the world just breathing Al? Al Gore in most cases during his speeches does exhale, I believe. What is more amazing and more hypocritical is Al Gore seems to forget that cigarettes are made of tobacco. Who has been one of the biggest proponents of big tobacco? Al Gore, please get your stories straight as you can’t tell one set of stories to one set of constituents and a different one to another.


Just 10 years ago, Gore told the Democratic National Convention that after his sister Nancy’s needless death in 1984 from lung cancer, he committed himself “heart and soul into the cause of protecting our children from the dangers of smoking.” In his new film, Gore again dredges up his sister’s death and how it led his once tobacco-growing family to turn away from tobacco.

After the DNC speech, reporters with memories intervened. America learned that contrary to his rhetoric, in 1988 Gore campaigned as a tobacco farmer who told his brethren that “all of my life,” I hoed it, chopped it, shredded it, “put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it.” The year his sister died, Gore helped the industry by fighting efforts to put the words “death” and “addiction” on cigarette-warning labels.

For years, Gore supported Big Tobacco in other ways. You could call the above “inconvenient” facts — that you won’t see in the movie (Real Clear Politics

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