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September 29, 2006

Ex-President Jimmy Carter Stating GWB has Brough US “International Disgrace” … Pot meet Kettle

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Ex-Present, Jimmy Carter referring to anyone as a disgrace is nothing short of comical. After PotKettlewhat was four of the most failed years of any one President. You dare criticize anyone after what you did to the United States of America and its perception abroad.. How about the fact that you were a “Domestic” disgrace and made the USA an international embarrassment? Talk about the “pot to the kettle” making comments.

Hey Jimmy, go build a house and make yourself useful. You were a public embarrassment to this country. The malaise that you created during your 4 years in office in America was criminal.

RENO, Nev. Former President Carter is urging northern Nevadans to elect his son, Jack, to the Senate to help combat a Bush administration he says has brought “international disgrace” to the country.


(Mr. Misery Index)

The former president told a crowd of about 300 on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno today that the nation is more sharply divided that it has ever been as a result of Bush’s policies. (KESQ)

By the way, only 300 students actually listened. Talk about irrelevant. Don’t forget Jimmy …Spinal Tap needed to remind others too that “Spinal Tap always goes before Puppet Show on the billboard”. Carter, do you really think every one has forgotten about your Presidency. Even though most of us wish we could. Does the “misery index” mean anything to you?


During the Presidential campaign of 1976, Democratic candidate, Jimmy Carter, made frequent references to the Misery Index, which by the summer of 1976 was at 13.57%.

Carter stated that no man responsible for giving a country a misery index that high, had a right to even ask to be President.

Carter won the 1976 election. However, by 1980, when President Carter was running for re-election against Ronald Reagan, the Misery Index had reached an all-time high of 21.98%. Carter lost the election to Reagan. During the Reagan era, the index averaged 12.19 with a 7.70 low.

You also dare talk about an ill-advised invasion. Are you joking? You have some nerve. Lets take a look at some other stellar events of your Administration.

He says never before has the United States had a policy of pre-emptive war, as was the case in what he called an “ill-advised invasion” of Iraq.

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