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September 27, 2006

Aruban Education System, WOW …You think this may be an Issue?

Posted in: Amigoe,Aruba,Child Welfare,Education,WTF

From Amigoe, September 27, 2006 … this is an eye opener. This is almost criminal. How Educationdo these kids ever get a chance? If our children are our future, what does this say?

50 Percent of six-graders too old 

ARUBA – 50 Percent of all the six-graders is too old, says MPA- leader Monica Kock.  She bases this on the figures of the Education department.  Chances are that these students become drop outs or will start working, because due to their age, they can no longer be admitted on secondary schools. 


MPA is of the opinion that in order to prevent that this development becomes a trend, the government will have to take actions soon.  In 2004-2005, 49.6 percent of the six-graders were older than 12 years; 45.4 percent of the fifth-graders were older; and 43.2 percent of the fourth-graders.  MPA says that the figures are from the Education department.  “The problem is that 14- and 15-year olds are in the same classroom with 11-year olds.  Another problem is that these children are considered too old for the secondary school”, concludes Kock.  She says that chances are that these children become either drop outs or start working.  There are already children that stop going to school after the sixth grade or that do not even finish the last grade of the elementary school.  “We are not only talking about illegal children, but also Aruban natives”, says Kock.

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