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November 13, 2011

Saturday Night Live: Even the Devil Offended by the Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal in SNL Skit

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The Penn State child sex scandal, it’s pretty bad when even the Devil is taken aback and offended … Evil just ain’t what it used to be.

Saturday Night Live probably did one of their best skits in years and there was nothing political about it. It is a must see VIDEO because it brings light on a hideous scandal and shows the absurdity of how Penn State as an institution so badly handled it. The SNL skit targeted the Penn State child sex scandal in showing that even the Devil was offended by what had transpired in not so Happy Valley.

“SNL” cast member Jason Sudeikis reprised his role as Satan, appearing with red horns and pitchfork. The devil was informed by “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers of sex charges against a former defensive coordinator and allegations that university officials failed to report the abuse.

Even he was disturbed by the news. Addressing Penn State students who protested football coach Joe Paterno’s firing, the devil spoke directly into the camera, asking, “Do you know how bad that made you look?”

As an upset and disturbed Satan stated when he found out the the scandal at Penn State was a child abuse sex scandal and not selling tickets for money, “I am the Price of Darkness, not a monster”. Doesn’t that pretty much say it all. This SNL is a classic, not because the content is humorous at it’s core, it is just the opposite, the child sex scandal cover up makes any one with a soul sick. Hell, even Satan was appalled and there lies the visceral disgust in this entire matter. As the Devil said, “this is Penn State football, not the Catholic church”. However, these days one has to wonder because they handed the matter of sexually abusing little boys in the same way. Sorry, but facts are the fact.  Through hyperbole SNL showed just how bad this scandal is and was at Penn State … When the Devil is offended, Houston Penn State,  YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!

UPDATE I: The NY Times has their own version of the Devil and Joe Paterno. The interesting point from this article is that Joe Pa might have believed more in the institution than individuals “inappropriate behavior”. And there lies the problem. Protecting the band, rather than protecting children.

They believed in their church. They believed in their mission. And out of the temptation that comes only to the virtuous, they somehow persuaded themselves that protecting their institution’s various good works mattered more than justice for the children they were supposed to shepherd and protect.

I suspect a similar instinct prompted the higher-ups at Penn State to basically ignore what they described as Jerry Sandusky’s “inappropriate conduct,” and persuaded Paterno that by punting the allegation to his superiors he had fulfilled his responsibility to the victimized child. He had so many important duties, after all, and so many people counting on him. And Sandusky had done so much good over the years …

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