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November 06, 2011

Occupy DC Protesters Turn Violent Outside “Defending the American Dream Summit”

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Take a good look America and ask yourself, do these individuals represent you? They claim they represent the 99%; however, the reality is  they represent the extreme and think that violence and intimidation are perfectly okay. C’mon America, take a good look at the tolerant LEFT progressives who whine that they have no freedom of speech, but think its perfectly okay to shut down others.

Watch VIDEO below and the Barack Obama endorsed protests. What exactly is their mission statement? Does Obama actually endorse intimidation and violence? I guess you just can’t take the community agitator out of the President.  The other day we reported on the Occupy DC protesters who ran out in the middle of the streets and were struck by a car, now take a look at how they treated The Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields.

Warning: Adult & explicit labguage used by the classless goon Occupy DC protesters

Read the interview with Daily Caller Michelle Fields at The Other McCain and the intimidation and harassment she encountered. Peaceful protests and demonstrations, eh? HARDLY! I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, NEVER HAS THIS HAPPENED AT A TEA PARTY RALLY!

FIELDS: They were screaming stuff out like that. They were screaming like, ‘F– Michelle Fields!’
And when I tried to conduct interviews, an individual would jump in front of the camera and stop the interview, or block it with a piece of paper or cardboard, so that we couldn’t tape anything or talk to anyone.

McCAIN: Oh, my goodness. So while they want all the friendly media they can get, in terms of –
FIELDS: Exactly, yes. And so people started chanting, ‘Right-wing extremists,’ while we were trying to interview people, and they talked to people who were part of Occupy DC and told them not to talk to us. So they chanted that, they chanted songs at me that I’m ugly, like ‘U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly,’ to me individually, and that I’m a ‘horrible person.’ It was, literally, just attacking me and the Daily Caller, but specifically me.

WOW, the closest thing this reminds me of is when CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan was raped while covering the efforts for freedom in Egypt in Tahrir Square.

Contrast the above VIDEO with the one below of common sense by a woman in a wheel chair who attended the event who cannot even leave the building because of the vile protesters who are just there to cause trouble, chaos and violence. The Occupy DC protesters chanted, “this is what Democracy looks like”. Sorry, this is what anarchy and mob rule looks like. I guess some one might want to inform the unwashed protesters that the US does not have a democracy, we have a federal Republic.

Check out all those brave souls that are so willing to mouth off, but hide their faces from the cameras. Brave souls indeed.

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