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September 11, 2006

Remembering The Children of 9/11 …

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Remember the Children of 9/11

9-11 abc_families

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Five Years Later: Diane Sawyer with many of the children who lost their dads on 9/11. Some children never got the opportunity to get to know their fathers.
(Donna Svennvik/ABC)


9/11 Generation Victims’ Kids Reunite

Tonight on ABC’s “Primetime,” Diane Sawyer reunites a group of children born to women widowed on Sept. 11.

It’s the first time the entire group (children and moms), has been together since Sawyer first featured them in June 2002 – and it’s easy to see how the kids, who were all born after Sept. 11, have grown since then.

(New York Post)

 Do not ever forget the children that lost parents that day.

“I miss you daddy”

“I can visit you in heaven”

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