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September 06, 2006

Democrats Angered at ABC’s 9/11 Mini Series “The Path to 9/11″ but Where is their Outrage at Lunatic Academia?

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It appears the upcoming ABC mini-series, “The Path to 9/11,” set to air on the eve of the five 911 nycyear anniversary of September 11 has Democrats in a turmoil. The mini-series will discuss the events and origins that lead to the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

“The Path to 9/11,” a five-hour dramatization laying out the history of the Sept. 11 plot from the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, will be aired over two nights on the anniversary of the attack next week by ABC Television.

Democrats seem to be upset in the portrayal of how the Clinton Administration handled terrorism from the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 to the aborted efforts to capture Osama bin Laden. Are we to believe that these events did not occur?

  • After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six and injured 1,000
  • 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed five U.S. military personnel
  • 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel
  • 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5,000
  • October 12, 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 3 U.S. sailors (coping.org)


An event such as 9/11 was planned years in advance of 2001. GWB took office when? Even though its en vogue to blame everything on President Bush, responsibility does lie with the Clinton Administration as well. The writers of “The Path to 9/11” are most likely looking at the proportionality of time spent in office and terrorism that took place during the Clinton Administration to determine accountability, 8 years vs. 8 months.

But a portion of the film showing an aborted effort to capture al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden before the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa has aroused the ire of some of the officials portrayed. A statement from Samuel “Sandy” Berger, (yes the same Sandy Berger) who was national security adviser to President Bill Clinton at the time, calls the scenes involving him “complete fabrications.” (UPI

We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, not point fingers. We are supposed to protect ourselves from terrorism, not make ourselves more vulnerable. There is no room for politics when it comes to our safety. September 11, 2001 taught us a valuable lesson and was a wake-up call. Think its safe to say many things failed that day, yet above all heroism and the unwaivering American spirit won in the end. Except 5 years later some think its ok to continue ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Whatever its flaws may or may not be, “The Path to 9/11″ makes clear there’s ample blame to go around. But for those who are game to take a break from finger-pointing, it also displays, with awful power, the larger truth that unites nearly everyone — yet still is given short shrift by policy makers. (SF Gate)

To Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike … imagine if a tough approach on terrorism was taken after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 instead of 2001, what a different set of circumstances and world we would live in today.

However, that is not the case. By the way, where is the Democrats outrage and ire at the lunatic left fringe of academia that claim that 9–11 was an “inside job”  perpetrated by the US neo-conservatives called the Project for a New American Century. Where is the Democratic outrage to these insanoids who without a doubt vote 99.89% for the Democratic Party?

The 9/11 terrorist attack on America which left almost 3,000 people dead was an “inside job”, according to a group of leading academics.

911 plane

(Look like an “inside job”?)

These conspiracy theories have to be read to be believed that individual could actually be walking the street with these idea let alone be college professors teaching young minds. These individuals are actually being paid or have been in the past to teach students. Anyone talking anyone of these professors classes presently or in the past may wish to go to your college business office and ask for a refund of your money.

Insane: Professor Steven Jones, who lectures in physics at the Brigham Young University in Utah, says the official version of events is the biggest and most evil cover up in history.

More insane: They believe a group of US neo-conservatives called the Project for a New American Century, set on US world dominance, orchestrated the 9/11 attacks as an excuse to hit Iraq, Afghanistan and later Iran.

Even more insane: The group also maintains World Trade Centre 7 – a neighbouring building which caught fire and collapsed later in the day – was only partially damaged but had to be destroyed because it housed a clandestine CIA station. (Daily Mail)


WASHINGTON – A furious Bill Clinton is warning ABC that its mini-series “The Path to 9/11″ grossly misrepresents his pursuit of Osama bin Laden – and he is demanding the network “pull the drama” if changes aren’t made.

(Read more at the NY Post)

Freedom of speech and expression be damned. Interesting how some don’t like it when the story is not so kindly about them. Why would one complain so much? Usually it occurs when its the truth and can be factually investigated. However, threatening to have a movie pulled lets no one see or hear information. The Democrats and Bill Clinton were rather absent in their condemnation regarding the recent British movie depicting the assassination of George W. Bush, “Death of a President.

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