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September 25, 2011

Steven Powell, Father-in-Law of Missing Susan Powell Arrested for Possessing Child Porn … Missing Utah Mom’s Kids in State Custody

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Susan Powell has been missing since 2009; however, it appears that there are big happenings have exploded in this missing persons case.

Steven Powell,  the 61 year old father-in-law of missing Susan Powell was arrested and accused of secretly videotaping Susan Powell  and young girls taking baths and sitting on the toilet.  Steven Powell pleaded not guilty on Friday and his bail has been set bail at $200,000 and ordered him not to have contact with his grand sons. Steven Powell is charged with child pornography possession and 14 felony counts of voyeurism.

Arrested father-in-law Steven Powell, lft – Missing Susan Powell, rt.

They said Utah police investigating Susan Powell’s disappearance found “thousands of images of females being videotaped without their knowledge, including Susan Powell,” on tapes and disks at his home in an Aug. 25 search.

The videos were found in Steven Powell’s bedroom. Prosecutors said the images were of women’s buttocks and breasts and included minors. The images included shots of two girls who were as young as 8 and 10 years old at the time, authorities said. They determined that the girls lived near Steven Powell from June 2006 to August 2007.

The children of missing Susan Powell are now in state custody.

They are in state custody as the paternal grandfather they lived with in Washington state sits in jail, accused of possessing child pornography and secretly videotaping their mother, other women and naked neighbor girls.

Now, the family of the boys’ mother, Susan Powell, who has been missing since 2009, is for the first time publicly accusing their father of being involved in her disappearance. On Friday, they asked, for the first time, to get immediate custody of the boys, ages 4 and 6.

The case of missing Susan Powell just got more bizarre. Could Susan Powell become aware of the pics of herself and other young girls, thus the reason why someone wanted her to disappear permanently? According to reports, some of the victims have been identified as children who used to live near Steven Powell and are as young as 7.  Yikes, this perv even labeled the folders of the pics he was taking of underage girls.

“We found many pictures of young girls as young as, we believe, 7 years old in explicit positions,” Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said, adding that the photos appeared to have been taken through a window from outside the home with a telephoto lens.

“They’re pictures he shouldn’t have taken – pictures of girls in showers, on toilets, in the bath. He’s basically a peeping Tom with high-end camera equipment.”

Rebecca Stover of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office later said in a statement that some of the images and videos were organized into subfolders, including “Taking bath-1,” “Taking bath-2,” and “Open window in back house.”

UPDATE I: Parents of Missing Susan Powell Says Child Porn Arrest Proves Father-in-law is a liar.

Not only does it appear that Steven Powell, the father-in-law of missing Susan Powell, is a perv, but also a liar.  Previously, Steven Powell claimed that Susan was “very sexual” with him. That can pretty much be called for what we pretty much knew, a lie. What a creepy SOB.

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“I do think it vindicates my daughter, and what we’ve said about her and it clearly shows that he had motive to detract from her reputation,” Cox said today on “Good Morning America.”

Susan Powell’s husband, Josh Powell, is the lone person of interest in the woman’s December 2009 disappearance, and the case has created a bitter rift between the two families.

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