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September 24, 2011

Will He or Won’t He … NJ Gov. Chris Christie Reconsidering a 2012 Presidential Run?

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Might NJ Governor Chris Christie run after all?

Chris Christie, the outspoken Republican New Jersey Governor has stated in the past that he would not run for President in 2012. However, according to Newsmax, Christie might just be reconsidering his decision not to enter the 2012 presidential race as they report that the NJ Governor will let top Republican donors know soon. After so many “no’s”, pundits are still floating his name. Then again, there are others that are denying the report and state nothing has changed with Christie.

During the past few weeks, several leading Republican donors and fundraisers have been urging the popular Republican governor to reconsider his decision not to run and to enter the GOP primary.

These Christie supporters note that significant GOP support has remained on the sidelines of the primary fight. Many leading fundraisers have yet to commit to any current primary contender, including frontrunners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Newsmax has learned that the effort to draft Christie culminated in a hush-hush powwow held in the past week with Christie and several notable Republican billionaires.

Christie entering the GOP primary, that would certainly shake up the mix. Earlier this week at an event at Rider College in NJ, Christie commented that the current GOP candidates are not answering the public’s appetite for real leadership.

“I think what the country is thirsting for, more than anything else right now, is someone of stature and credibility to tell them that and say, ‘Here’s where I want us to go to deal with this crisis,’” Christie said.

Christie continued: “The fact that nobody yet who’s running for president, in my view, has done that effectively is why you continue to hear people ask Daniels if he’ll reconsider and ask me if I’ll reconsider.”

What a splash Christie would make if he did decide to run. Many thought that when Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race, he would fill the void of what GOP voters were looking for. Frankly, Perry’s position on illegal immigration is a disaster and he has been underwhelming in the debates.  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is looked upon as being to contrived and too much of a politician … Chris Christie would be a breath of fresh air, would never be at a loss for words and would never beat around the bush.

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