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September 22, 2011

President Barack Obama Even Losing Ground with Blacks … 58% “strongly favorable” Rating

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Even Barack Obama’s most ardent supporters have lost faith in the President.

How bad is it these days for President Barack Obama when it comes to his political support? He has seen support wane with pretty much every demographic.  Obama is even floundering with political support from blacks, down a whopping 25%. According to a recent Washington Post-ABC poll, the President has dropped from a “strongly favorable” rating of 83%, about 5 months ago, to an amazingly low 58% presently.

Hey Peggy, how has Obama helped you since he became President?

New cracks have begun to show in President Obama’s support amongst African Americans, who have been his strongest supporters. Five months ago, 83 percent of African Americans held “strongly favorable” views of Obama, but in a new Washington Post-ABC news poll that number has dropped to 58 percent. That drop is similar to slipping support for Obama among all groups.

“There is a certain amount of racial loyalty and party loyalty, but eventually that was going to have to weaken,” said Andra Gillespie, a political scientist at Emory University, who studies African Americans. “It’s understandable given the economy.”

African Americans have always voted in lockstep with the Democrat party and especially came out in record numbers to vote for Barack Obama in 2008. However, all of Obama’s promises, all the rhetoric, and all the claims of hope and change have done nothing to help black Americans. As a matter of fact, the unemployment rate has become worse for black America under the regime of Obama. How will Obama say to blacks that their lives are better today than they were before he was elected? What more promises can he offer, he has failed on jobs?

While the African-American community has lessened the intensity of its support, its overall favorability towards Obama remains extremely high. Indeed, 86 percent of black voters say that they view the president at least “somewhat favorably.”

The jobless rate for African-Americans has been substantially higher than for the rest of America. In August, unemployment for the community jumped 0.8 month from the previous month to 16.7 percent. The unemployment rate for America overall is 9.1 percent.

The questions is, with such poor polling data, especially with black Americans, how many are really going to be inspired to vote for Obama in 2012? There was a historic election in 2008; however, since then Obama’s record as President has been far from stellar. Barack Obama received 95% of the black vote in 2008, now he only has a 58% “strongly favorable” … will blacks just stay home? One has to wonder just how many black Americans have secret buyer’s remorse?

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