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August 15, 2006

Aruba: Pitbull’s old bar Choose a Name Burns Down

Posted in: Aruba,Natalee Holloway

How ironic that Pitbull’s old bar “Choose a Name” burns down. Earlier this year  Pitbull was found burning   in a cave and now his place of employment  ”Choose a Name,” where he was a bouncer burns as well. Truth is stranger than fiction.

After two hours, the fire brigade managed to subdue the fire in the Choose A Choose a name CANfire12Name building.

ARUBA — Place of entertainment Choose A Name in the Havenstraat burned down completely last Sunday afternoon.   The authorities are still not sure how the fire started.   Fire department spokesperson Gabriel Kelly indicated this morning that the police are investigating the incident.   He didn’t want to say anything about a possible arson.  


Four fire engines, of which two stand-by, went to Havenstraat where they found a sea of flames and a whole lot of smoke.   The fire must have been going for a while, because the fire fighters couldn’t extinguish the fire from the inside out; the seat of the fire was already too big.   They had to work from the outside.

CANfire3 aruba

Since the building is built of heavy concrete, the fire didn’t spread over to the shoppes and the restaurant on the ground floor; they had a lot of smoke and water damage, but Choose A Name was completely burned down.  

Even though they had trouble with the smoke, a lot of people went to the place to watch the flames.   Some of them had to receive medical treatment from the ambulance personnel.   The roads were closed for traffic and pedestrians.   The police did this to allow the fire fighters room to do their job.

(Amigoe: August 15, 2006)

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