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September 04, 2011

Only 33% of Americans Took Summer Vacations … What Say You Barack Obama?

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Is this the image people want of a President when Americans can’t take vacations … One Term is right around the corner Mr. President.

Why the optics of Barack Obama on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard were so damning to the “Vacationer” in Chief. As Americans struggle financially, find themselves out of work, no jobs in sight, on food stamps and believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, their fearless leader can be seen vacationing, golfing and riding bicycles. But instead of feeling your pain, he promises Americans another jobs speech. Hasn’t he had 2+ years to make speeches and fix the economy? The natives are growing restless … needless to say.

Only 33% of Americans took vacation this year, down significantly from 41% last year in 2010 and 37% in 2009. It is too bad that President Barack Obama and the first family could not also be apart of the 33% “nocationers” as a result of the Presidents policies. As 8 in 10 Americans believe we are in a recession, individuals remain jobless, spending is out of control,  there is ZERO job recovery and unemployment remains over 9%, Barack Obama hasn’t a care in the word as he thinks nothing of it to be seen vacationing while 2/3′s of America does not. Talk about a man of the people.

Fewer adults took a summer vacation this year, and half of those that did had to cut back for economic reasons.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of American Adults shows that just 33% took a summer vacation this year. That’s down from 41% last year and 37% in 2009. Sixty-five percent (65%) of adults say they did not take go on summer vacation. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

In a poll taken prior to the summer season, 38% of American Adults planned to take a summer vacation this year, while 54% did not.

It is not that Obama cannot take a vacation, the questions is should he? What incumbent President with a job approval barely in the low 40′s, an economy spirally out of control and a reelection in 2012 would take a vacation when a majority of Americans cannot? Who would promise an important jobs speech, but not before he takes the perks of a Presidential vacation? Not taking one plane to Martha’s Vineyard, but two.

Obama disapproval rating is at a record high and it is well deserved. Most American people are asking, what has he done to deserve a vacation? Wasn’t it Obama Democrats and their minions that questioned Big Business and the Auto industry as to why they deserve private jets and bonuses? Can’t and shouldn’t the same question be asked of President Obama? What has he done to deserve a vacation on the tax payers dime? Is ist the continual +9% unemployment, the revised GDP of the 2nd qtr down to 1%, or because of the out of control US debt? Obama has shown no sign of leadership or setting an example for Americans, instead has acted like a frat boy winning the class presidency and instead of taking the job seriously, takes advantage of the perks instead.

It is as if Obama just doesn’t understand his job as President, or he is unwilling to do it. Blaming others is not a policy. A note to Barack Obama, America wants a leader not a President who’s image in golfing, riding a bike and licking an ice cream cone.

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