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September 03, 2011

Obamanomics: CNN Poll Says 8 in 10 Americans Believe We Are in a Recession

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More bad polling data for President Barack Obama …

According to a recent CNN poll, 8 in 10 Americans believe that we are in a recession. How could they possibly think that after Friday’s employment numbers that showed ZERO jobs were created in August and the two previous months job totals were revised downward. Americans do not care what the formal definition is of a recession. The Obama recession is one of no jobs from President ZERO.  The economic indicators are heading in the wrong directions and Obama’s economic policies have been an EPIC FAIL.

Full data can be seen HERE.

Economic fears are not diminishing. More than eight in 10 Americans think the economy is in another recession, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. One-third of those surveyed think it’s serious.

While the country isn’t technically in a recession because the economy hasn’t experienced two straight quarters of negative growth, the poll’s results highlight the importance of President Barack Obama’s jobs speech next Thursday night.

At Rasmussen just 16% think that the country is headed in the right direction. Hardly the “Hope & Change” that America was looking for when they elected Barack Obama. Every one is looking to Obama’s jobs speech next week, unless you are “Ready for Some Football” instead and will be doing some tailgating ahead of the NFL Opener that pits the Green bay Packers against the New Orleans Saints. Although, Obama and his minions are already down playing his speech and lowering the bar. What a surprise that Obama is setting low expectations.

The floundering economy and predicted 9.0% unemployment in 2012 will spell curtains for Obama in 2012.

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