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September 03, 2011

President Obama Called for Congress to skip the “political posturing” in Weekly Address … Now Only if Obama Would Do the Same

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More from the Hypocrite and Chief … Do as I say, not as I do.

Today Barack Obama called for Congress to stop the “political posturing” and pass bills to fund US transportation programs. First, Obama needs to stop his game playing. If President Zero is to have any credibility Obama needs to stop his childish game playing like scheduling his Jobs speech in front of a joint session of Congress on the very time and day that a GOP Presidential candidate debate had long been planned. Obama’s little, small, shameless stunt backfired on his in a major way and not only showed just how “lost in smallness” he is, showed that the GOP Speaker has more clout than the Prez. Way to diminish the Office Barack.

Wasn’t Obama $787 billion stimulus package supposed to pay for shovel ready infrastructure projects? So we are going to spend even more money the US does not have to do the very same thing that Obama’s failed stimulus did? NO, NO MORE!!! Obama said in his Weekly Address, “This isn’t a Democratic or a Republican issue – it’s an American issue.” Some one needs to say this … SHUT UP MR. PRESIDENT. Sorry, but there is nothing about you that is not political or partisan. You are all about “blue” states and “red” states … YOU HAVE BEEN A DISASTER FOR THE UNITED STATES. As stated at Jammie Wearing Fool, how you could have kept a straight face during the above Weekly Address shows the Presidents adept ability to lie to the American people.

In his weekly address, the president said a failure to pass a surface transportation bill would “put a stop to highway construction, bridge repair, [and] mass transit systems.”

“Usually, renewing this transportation bill is a no-brainer,” Obama said in his weekly address. “In fact, Congress has renewed it seven times over the last two years.  But thanks to political posturing in Washington, they haven’t been able to extend it this time – and the clock is running out.”

The president said “almost 1 million workers could be in danger of losing their jobs over the next year” if Congress delays funding for too long.

However, is there any reason why anyone should listen to Obama? If he is calling for more high speed rail and the same old tired infrastructure spending, we have heard this before. Obama’s policies on the economy have failed. FAILED MISERABLY!!!

No sooner had President Barack Obama shocked the political world with a gloomy economic forecast — projecting 9.1 percent unemployment for this year and a re-election-killing 9 percent for 2012 — than the dismal August jobs report arrived showing no gain in non-farm payrolls. That’s right, no gain at all. Private jobs increased a scant 17,000, while hours worked and wages actually declined. Obama’s economic policies have failed.

Barack Obama is a shameless, political, partisan hack. The likes that we have never seen and hopefully will never see again. Obama has been an abject failure and it is him and him alone as to why the economy gained zero jobs in August 2011 and the why the Employment Index has fallen to an all-time low.

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