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August 12, 2006

1000 Cell Phones Found With Middle Eastern Men

Posted in: Crime,War on Terror

3 naturalized citizens of Palestinian descent from Texas were arrested in Michigan buying  large quantities of cell phones at a WalMart. The men had also been shopping in Wisconsin for cell phones and were found with over 1000 in their rented van. And you say so what?

Well, these cell phones have the ability to be used to set of explosives when used in pairs. They also have the ability to make untraceable calls as they do not need to be registered to an individual. Of course they said they are buying the phones for resale, but why would you drive from Texas to Michigan to make a few extra bucks with the price of gas today?

Around 1:00am August 11th the three men purchased cell phones from the Wal-Mart store on M-81 near the corner of M-24 in Caro. Wal-Mart places a limit on the number of cell phones that can be purchased at once, that number is three. The three men allegedly bought 80 by purchasing them three at time so that an alert wouldn’t be triggered by the cash register. They also paid cash.
An alert clerk grew suspicious and called Tuscola County central dispatch. The Caro Police Department sent a unit and stopped the rented van on M-81 just east of Caro. The suspects were headed towards Bad Axe on M-81 where there is another Super Wal-Mart.
The three men are described as being of Palestinian descent but live in Texas. Police say the three, ages 19, 22, and 23 appear to be naturalized citizens. via WNEM TV-5

I think that a smart cashier at a WalMart store has found what may have been a plot against the   country. The Department of Homeland Security thinks so. They are charging the men with 2 counts each of terrorism.

This is a lesson to us all, we need to be vigilant in monitoring what goes on around us. We are at war and the enemy will use whatever tools are at their disposal.


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