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August 04, 2006

Aruba … Roaming Addicts could be your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister …

Posted in: Aruba,Crime,Missing Persons,Natalee Holloway,Travel

Aruban roaming drug addicts won’t be solved overnight. How Long has Oduber been in power? Was  the Oduber Governments  just elected last night, or 5 years ago? So you cannot make them disappear, yet others seem to have disappeared while on Aruba.

AM Digital Addicts

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Just how bad is the drug addiction problem on “One Happy Island”? During the past five years during the Oduber Governments the number of employees at the Drug Rehab & Coordination Dept. went from 20 to 103, a 400% increase. I don’t remember reading about this problem in the brochures or mentioned at the Travel Marketing functions that Aruba attends.

The reason for such an increase to deal with the drug addiction problem has to spread to main stream society and how the local and tourism community deals with this issue.

What is most stunning is the comment that was used by Minister Booshi Wever.

“We cannot make them disappear; they belong to a family; they may be a father, mother, brother or sister, neighbor or friend.”

A rather stunning choice of words when compared to how the disappearance of Natalee Holloway had previously been described.

Natalee Holloway is everyone’s child. She could be your daughter,  sister, cousin, grandchild or friend.

So Aruba would use the same phraseology for drug addicts as compared to a missing teenager, presumed dead. Doesn’t that speak volumes. Another interesting comparison is the wording when describing addicts, We cannot make them disappear.” Rather interesting, seeing that Natalee Holloway has disappeared and Aruba wishes the story of Natalee Holloway would disappear as well.


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