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July 29, 2006

Things getting personal in Aruban “Gutter” Politics

Posted in: Aruba,Natalee Holloway,Politics,World

AVP member Otmar Oduber stated in a recent AM Digital article that there is a lot to be desired in Aruban politics at the present. As Otmar refers to it as “gutter” politics being performed by the MEP Party. The politics of personal destruction. Occurs all the time when one begins to get close to the truth. If you cannot refute the truthfulness of the story, cover up, or corruption; one goes after an individual personally. Sounds all too familiar in the case of Natalee Holloway.

“Every time the MEP politicians feels that his back is against the wall, he will start looking for ways to bash family members of the adversary …”

(AM Digital: Click on article to enlarge)

Otmar Oduber also went on to say that it is not just politicians that are smeared, but members of the community as well.

“He did not only refer to politicians but the community in general: doctors, lawyers, Central Bank President, etc., who are dragged through the mud by MEP leaders and supporters …”

Here is a comment that we can agree on although in respects to the cloud over Aruba with the Natalee Holloway investigation, we sometimes wonder if this “fantasy world” mentality is only relegated to the MEP party.

What is more noticeable in the politics of MEP is that they live in a world of fantasy for others in Aruba.

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