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July 19, 2006

Weblogs Banned in India

Posted in: Bloggers,Politics

When we blog, we try to get points across that the mainstream media has difficulty explaining in a 30 second soundbyte or too controversial for their newsprint. Sometimes we can say thing that are outside the agendas of the media and we do not have fear that access to power will be cut off because we have the nerve to say so.

Blogs have the power to really annoy powerful people and groups. Scared Monkeys sure knows that one. Hey Oduber…

Today, the nation of India has blocked a number of blogs. In fact they blocked the whole blogger.com domain. But they also blocked 17 named blogs that include some of our favorites. Here  are a few from the  list of banned blogs.


The reason that the blogs were banned was that they spoke against the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. They were banned because they stood up to injustice and evil behavior and called those that perpetrated it to account. They had the nerve to do what the mainstream media was afraid to do.

And now the nation of India has succumbed to the lure on shutting down access to these sites on a national level to keep the truth from being heard and shown. Fortunately, many in India are protesting this governmental decision and hopefully it will be overturned.

If you want to help the cause, go visit our good friend Rusty at My Pet Jawa and see how you can support him and the work he does. Rusty asked who will stand with him, and we want the world to know that Scared Monkeys will be by his side.

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