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August 07, 2011

67% Say Economy Causing Family Stress … Does That Mean Obama & the First Family as Well?

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According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 67% of American say that the poor US economy is adding stress to their families. The stress and strain of a continued job unemployment over 9%, an anemic 1.3% GDP, increased gas prices, continued out of control deficit spending, and wasteful $787 billion stimulus spending and an out of control debt that has caused S&P to downgrade US credit to AA+ from AAA has done nothing but cause aggravation to US families.

With the Rasmussen Consumer and Investor Indexes hovering near two-year lows and unemployment rates still in the nine percent (9%) range, it’s perhaps no surprise to find that a majority of Americans say the economy is adding stress to their family.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% of American Adults say the state of the economy is causing more stress on their family.  That finding is up 10 points from this time last year . Twenty-seven percent (27%) say the economy isn’t causing their family more stress.

Due to a pathetic US economy American families have had to cut back and do without for what is going on years now. Vacations have turned into “stay”cations have turned into “no”cations. However, can that be said for Obama and the first family? Hardly. The out of touch President seems to have little “skin in the game” as he golfs and vacations as if there were no economic calamity taking place. Heck, on the very day the US stock market drops by 500+ points, Obama decided to party like its 1999 for his 50th birthday with millionaire, billionaires and those who own corporate jets.  No hypocrisy there.

What’s wrong with this picture? As Americans do without and are asked to provide more skin in the game and others are insulted and demonized to pay their fair share of taxes, WH code to pay more taxes, even though 51% of American do not pay federal income taxes … what skin in the game and stress does the first family have as they vacation and golf on the tax payers dime.

The only stress that Obama has is reelection; however, the manner in which he has purposely devastated the economy, one has to wonder whether there was ever a strategy to have a second term.


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