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July 11, 2006

MA Governor Mitt Romney to the Head of the MTA … “Amorello, you must go”.

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“People should not have to drive through the Turnpike tunnels with their fingers crossed.” (Mitt Romney)Â  

Following the death of motorist Milena Delvalle in the I-90 Big Dig tunnel last night, the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, has taken action against the  Chairman of the  MTA to legally remove him from his position. Mitt Romney has asked for Chairman Matthew Amorello’s resignation in the past and has questioned his management of the “Big Dig in the past.

The Turnpike Authority is an independent agency largely outside of the control of the governor. Romney has repeatedly called for Amorello to step down.

The situation has now escalated to a motorist being crushed to death. Amorello must go and the fact that he is still the Chairman presiding over this national embarrassment called the Big Dig can only be described as sheer folly. Ronmey want him gone.


“Neither I nor anyone else could be or should be satisfied until we have new leadership at the Turnpike authority.”

The Massachusetts AG is now considering the collapsed area of the tunnel a crime scene and is looking into how and who is responsible for this catastrophic event.

Attorney General Tom Reilly said he is treating the collapse as a crime scene that could lead to charges of negligent homicide. His office has already begun issuing subpoenas to those involved in the design, manufacturing, testing, construction and oversight of the panels and tunnel.

“What we are looking at is anyone who had anything to do with what happened last night,” Reilly said. “No one is going to be spared.”

(Boston Globe)

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