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July 29, 2011

Baez Brothers Attack AA Pilot at Miami Airport After Being Kicked Off Plane

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Will Jose Baez have some new clients? If Baez takes a break from his 24-7 attempts at shilling marketing attempts for himself and Casey Anthony, there might be a couple of people who are in need of his services. As fate would have it, they have the same name. It could be the latest version of ‘My Cousin Vinnie’, or in this case … Jose. How do you say, “the two yutes” in Spanish?

Hey Jose, there are two dudes in need of you’re lawyering skills … maybe you can convince a Miami-Dade jury that they were not drunk, they were suffereing from mental anguish of being molested by George Anthony or nearly drowning in a pool when they were yutes. Good grief.

Hat Tip: Klaas

The Baez brothers, Jonathan and Luis, attacked an American Airlines pilot and a flight attendant after being kicked off a plane at Miami International Airport. They were then arrested for the assault and making threats. The incident occurred after a flight attendant tried to get Jonathan Baez to buckle his seat belt prior to take off. However, Baez was unresponsive because he was three sheets to the wind, hammered, blatto, drunk. Baez was groggy and non-compliant as he refused to fasten his seat belt. The plane discontinued taxing and went back to the terminal where the two were tossed off the plane and the violence began.

A pair of thuggish brothers brutally attacked an American Airlines pilot after he kicked one of them off a plane for being passed out drunk, officials said.

Jonathan and Luis Baez, both of Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, were arrested at Miami International Airport on Wednesday night for the assault, which left the pilot bruised and bloodied and delayed the San Francisco-bound flight more than two hours.

Want a sure fire way to get arrested, threaten a pilot on a plane that you are “going to kill them”. Obviously these two thugs missed September 11. Jonathan and Luis Baez were whisked off to Miami-Dade County jail on $9,000 bond and $12,500 bond on assault and battery charges. I guess its safe to say that the Baez brothers will have their American Airline frequent flier miles revoked and wont be using them again any time soon.

He was apparently barely compliant at that point,” American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said. “He was exhibiting symptoms of intoxication. He was not walking well when he went up the aisle.”

Luis Baez, 29, decided to follow his brother, and the two screamed obscenities at the pilot.

“When you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed,” one of the goons shouted, according to police.

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