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July 01, 2006

Looks Like Some People Take Date Rape Drugs and Spiking Tourists Drinks Seriously, Unlike Others …

Posted in: Aruba,Bizarre,Child Welfare,Crime,Deepak Kalpoe,Joran Van der Sloot,Natalee Holloway

A Sydney Australia Judge Robyn Tupman has handed down a 15 year sentence toRoofies two Sydney men for spiking 12 people’s drinks, and robbing and raping some of them. In sentencing these vermin, Judge Robyn Tupman stated that people expect to feel safe walking into nightclubs “without the risk of predators like these two slipping something into their drinks.”

Most of the victims were tourists from Asia and Europe in Australia on holidays.

Chebli Djait and Adel Samadi robbed 12 tourists and raping four of them in one week in 2004

They spiked their victims’ drinks with the prescription epilepsy drug Clonazepam.

They even took photos with their victims, often ‘helping’ those they’d drugged home.

The pair targeted Japanese, Korean – even a Swiss tourist – in bars around Sydney’s CBD, carrying the drugs in TicTac containers.

(Yahoo News)

It is about time that judges take these crimes seriously. Although this case took place in Australia, it has been widely reported that such hideous actions take place in the Caribbean as well. Reported here and  here as well.   Many have speculated that missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway may have been slipped something similar. It could explain the behavior that Natalee Holloway exhibited, which her friends claim was out of character for her. May also explain how three suspects show up one half hour before closing and manage to leave with someone who they have never met before

Roofies drink

It has been reported that in Aruba  for a small amount of money a bar tender will slip drugs in an unsuspecting persons drink. What a great concept, a potential victim does not even have to leave their drink unattended for this to take place.

So why doesn’t Aruba crack down on this if it is known to take place? Maybe for the same reason they knowing let under-age people drink and gamble without regard.

The questions that has never been asked the three primary suspects is what was their intent to show up to a bar 1/2 prior to closing. Certainly not to dance. If their intent was to pick up a girl and have sex, then why no condoms? More to to the point … in less than 1/2 hour you managed to meet, separate and escort Natalee Holloway out of a bar to a car already running with Deepak in it at the wheel.Sounds to me like this has been done before.  All this was done in 1/2 hour with a girl you have never met. Was this how you did it Joran, the other 20 times you have previously stated? Where nothing bad happened.

Want to explain why this has more of the appearance of a bank robbery and getaway rather than simply leaving a bar with a girl.

UPDATE (7/1/06): From The Line Up with Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Jossy Mansur stated:

Any theory of date rape drug.

It is public knowledge that in certain bars in aruba, if you slip a bartender 20 bucks….this happnens in many places. it is public knowledge.

I am convinced that Natalee was drugged.

(Hat Tip: Jacqueline)



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