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July 01, 2006

World Cup Report: England vs Portugal … Wayne Rooney Red Carded … oh boy here we go

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The World Cup soccer match presently going on in the second overtime tied at 0 – 0 World cup arrestsbetween Portugal and England. Earlier in the match, England’s David Beckham was injured and taken off. However, England’s Wayne Rooney was red carded in the 62nd minute. 

If this costs England the match or for that fact if England loses this match for what-ever reason one can only hold their breath as to how their fans will react. Prior to the match German police arrested 50 people overnight.

Minor fan fights and brief standoffs with police led to 50 arrests overnight, World cup arrest 2authorities said Saturday as they worked to limit street violence ahead of the England-Portugal World Cup game.

About 70,000 English and 20,000 Portuguese fans were expected for the quarterfinal match in Gelsenkirchen, a western mining town and one of the tournament’s smallest venues.



The way some of the English fans have behaved during this World Cup, we may be lucky they don’t burn the city down if they lose. It is still just a game, right?


Oh boy … Let the fires, riots and arrests begin …

UPDATE: Its about time …England fans exit World Cup with dignity

Instead of the traditional riots and drunkenness associated with English fans, soccer lovers sporting the colors of Portugal, England, Germany and a host of other countries drowned their sorrows _ or joy _ in beer and bratwurst, with the only violence coming from just 100 or so people who threw bottles well after the end of the game.

Just 100 people were arrested after England’s loss, for minor offenses.


Maybe partially because some have already been arrested and there were preventative measures taken prior to the World Cup, British Hooligans Turn In Passports

Some 3,300 registered soccer hooligans in Britain have surrendered their passports to prevent them from going to the World Cup in Germany in June.

Those who have been arrested in the past for violence were forced to return their passports by the Home Office so they can’t cause trouble at the tournament, which begins June 9.

(Post Chronicle)

UPDATE: Elton brands England team a ‘disgrace’

Wow, even we did not call the team a disgrace as Sir Elton John has. We just were referring to some of their unruly fans.

Sir Elton John has slammed the England football team as a “disgrace” after Portugal knocked them out of the World Cup on Saturday. Gee Elton, don’t beat around the bush … how do you really feel?

The Don’t Go Breaking My Heart singer made his feelings public when he made his comments during a gig in Bournemouth, hours after the quarter-final match finished.

John, who is friends with David Beckham, attributed most of the blame to coach Sven Goran Eriksson.

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