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July 17, 2011

Justice for Caylee? Casey Anthony Released from Jail to the Protesters Chants of “KILLER, KILLER”

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Casey Anthony set free … IS SHE EVER REALLY GOING TO BE FREE?

Under the cloak of darkness after 12.:00 last night, Casey Anthony was whisked out of the Orange County jail and to freedom. Casey Anthony was escorted out the front door (VIDEO) of the jail by armed SRT’s in her fuchsia polo top and jeans to her caravan amid the chants of “KILLER, KILLER” from the protesters.

Casey Anthony freed from jail early Sunday: MyFoxORLANDO.com

Click HERE for numerous pics of the Jail release. How ironic that they get into an SUV ala OJ Simpson and that not other attorney but Jose Baez escorted Anthony out of the jail, mugging it up for the cameras. Were were witness once again to the spiteful Jose Baez/Casey Anthony show.

Hat Tip: WKMG Channel 6 Live Feed

What a difference in the reaction of the OJ Simpson fiasco

A note to Jane Velez Mitchell, it is not unfortunate that the crowd yelled, “killer, killer”. That was there right to freedom of speech endowed by their Creator. These people peacefully protested this miscarriage of justice. They were also their top protest any media outset that would be stupid enough to do business with Casey Anthony. Businesses, organizations and the media will be boycotted if they give blood money to Casey. JVM, what is unfortunate is that Caylee Anthony is dead with no justice and even more so, the unfortunate and misguided verdict by a jury who just either did not get it or did not care. THAT IS UNFORTUNATE!

Following Casey’s release from jail after the foolish jury aided verdict who seemed to want to blame George Anthony for the JFK assassination and kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, the media followed in pursuit of “tot-killer” mom’s next destination. One place Casey Anthony will not be going, is back to George and Cindy Anthony’s home. Strained relationship? That did not appear to stop Cindy Anthony from lying on the witness stand to protect Casey.

Casey’s relationship with her parents, George and Cindy, has been strained since defense attorneys accused George Anthony of molesting Casey when she was young. They also said George Anthony made Caylee’s death look like a homicide after the girl accidentally drowned in the family pool. It is not known where she will go.

The question by the media is where will Casey go? Personally, I could care less. What is more important is what will be passed in the future that will never allow a tot mom to ever slip through the legal cracks, kill their child and call it an accidental death. What type of reprehensible parent would know that their child was dead in a swamp and not report the accidental death of their child? That is something that the JURY needs to think about for the rest of their lives.  I hope the Casey Anthony jury watched last night and got a sick feeling in their stomachs all over again. Then again, since most of these folks were current event challenged, I doubt it.

As Casey Anthony was released last night it was reported that Defense attorney Jose Baez was still trying to pitch a deal for the first pics of Casey Anthony as a free person and her first interviews. Another note to JVM above, that is unfortunate. However, I guess since there were no first pics and instead pool photographers got their shots, any deal must have fallen through.

I would ask America, please do not enrich Casey Anthony. Every one with a shred of common sense knows what she did and justice was not provided. Casey Anthony is a knows liar, that fact was even stated by her own Defense team. Why would you pay some one to just spew more lies! Don’t do it, networks, you and your sponsors will be boycotted.

This is not the last we have heard from Casey Anthony. She still has future legal battles ahead of hers as well of a 95%-5% public outrage and hatred for her. Along with freedom, comes the consequences that go with it. You will go through the rest of your live with the label of “killer, killer”.

Casey Anthony’s ultimate label will be that there is a law named after her deceased child, Caylee’s Law” and the tot mom Casey Anthony will have done nothing to support it. How many laws have there ever been made to protect children that are not endorsed by the parent of the child who either went missing or was murdered? I know of none.

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