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June 21, 2006

Gerold Dompig To Solve Overtime Issue in Aruba; Isn’t that Priceless

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Gerold Dompig to the Rescue

AM Digital Dompig OT

(AM Digital, click on article to enlarge)

Gerold Dompig has been absent for some time. He’s baaack … Out of the wood work he comes with this classic comment … 

“on the issue of overtime, Too much is expected from the Police force”.

“If organizers of events albeit local or international, that wish to have police presence at their event(s) in the future must pay for that presence.”

The question that I would put forth to Commissioner Dompig is what could possibly have the Aruban police so busy that they could not provide security to tourism events in Aruba? I thought there was no crime?

How can there be such an overtime issue on Caribbean island with supposedly no crime? Seeing that tourism makes up 70 – 75% of your economy, it would almost make it mandatory that you would in fact be present at public functions where tourists would congregate.

The Aruban government makes money off the tax revenues of the venues formed by the Aruban Tourism Authority. Of which one would think that those taxes dollars would go to paying for the police. What a dangerous game they are playing on Aruba is sacrificing police safety of the public and the tourists. It is hard to imagine that these people do not understand they are one crime away from being perpetrated on another tourist from having tourism discontinued all together for many years to come.

The safety issue in the Caribbean is on everyone’s mind and Aruba wants to make paying police or else striking an issue. Not the game of chicken one should be playing these days.

However, I am sure Gerold Dompig will get to the bottom of the great Overtime mystery, just as he did such a stellar job with the Natalee Holloway case.



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