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July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony … Jury Says “Not Guilty” as Sin … Why Did Cheney Mason Think Casey Would Get Life … Justice for Caylee?

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A message to the jury in the murder trial of Casey Anthony … its called beyond all reasonable doubt, not beyond ALL doubts. It would appear that Cheney Mason had doubt prior to him joining TEAM CASEY.

In what has to be the most head scratching jury decision since the OJ Simpson verdict, an Orlando, Florida jury via Pinellas County acquitted Casey Antony on all major murder charges and provided the tot mom with a slap on the wrist in finding her guilty of lying to police. We can understand the motive behind jury nullification in the OJ case because of many social issues of the time, but what happened in Orlando? How did this jury let Casey Anthony walk?

Did the jury use the philosophy of, if the any doubt exists, then you must acquit? It would seem so, because it is hard to believe we both watched the same murder trial. Did a jury from another county not have a true vested interest in another communities crime? The Pinellas County jury could not get out of Dodge fast enough as they blew off the planned media press conference following to verdict to maybe shed some light and explanations.

NOTE TO JURY … did you know that even defense attorney Cheney Mason thought she would get life in prison and the “accidental” defense was bunk? Check out what Cheney Mason was saying about Casey Antony,defense attorney Jose Baez and the Anthony’s prior to his arrival as part of defense team. Did Cheney Mason just say that Jose Baez has no credibility? He most certainly did. But wait, it gets better or worse as the case may be for little Caylee … as Mason says, “an accidental death would be hard to swallow”. Not for this jury though, as they let the person who benefited the most from no Caylee, the caregiver to Caylee and the individual who never told anyone that her child was missing for 31 days and she partied and lived the beautiful life.


Just curious, a question to the jury that seemed to be deliberations challenged, how n earth did prosecutors across American convict criminals of crimes prior to high tech machines and DNA? Maybe the jurors actually looked at the evidence. Many who have followed this case are shocked and sickened by the lack of JUSTICE that was done yesterday. More at the Other McCain … shock as well.

In a typical response from defense attorney Cheney Mason, following the verdict, Mason blamed the media for character assassination of Casey Anthony. REALLY SIR? Wasn’t it Jose Baez who called her a lying slut? You might have BS’d a jury that just wanted to go home, but please do do tell us that Casey Anthony is Mother of the Year. Your defense was she was a light slut, but that does not make her a murderer. So who committed character assassination?

In the end … see picture HERE … not only did Casey Anthony give us all a big “F YOU” so did Cheney Mason. Nice.

UPDATE I: Honesty, who celebrates a victory where a 2 year old girl is dead? What class. High-fiving and jumping up and down. Thanks guys, you just did not on the grave of Caylee Anthony. That would be if she had a grave and not discarded like trash in a swamp. A parting thought … thanks to the Anthony’s for lying for Casey to save her life. Looks like you did one better, you acquitted her at the cost of your grand daughter Caylee.

Nancy Grace was quoted as saying after hearing the verdict … “Somewhere Out There, The Devil Is Dancing Tonight”


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