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June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Kim Kardashian Says, “I Believe She is Guilty” … “I Feel this Will be a Shocking Outcome”

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Because Kim Kardashian says it, it must be true.

You have heard from the media, legal pundits, former judges and law enforcement regarding the murder trial of Casey Anthony in the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony, now we get the expert opinion of … Kim Kardashian. Huh?

That is correct, Kim Kardashian has taken time out of her busy life from buying clothes and shoes and from being famous, for being famous to offer her opinion into the murder trial of Casey Anthony. Kardashian asked her fans on Twitter, ‘Who is into this Casey Anthony case? So many theories & stories! ‘This is a mess! Who do u believe? Who is lying here?’ In the blogging world this would be a kin of link baiting, so I am guessing this would be Twitter baiting as well.Oppblåsbare dørvakter

Kim tweeted:

The newly-engaged starlet finished her observations with: ‘I believe Casey is guilty but there’s so many conflicting stories raising so much reasonable doubt – I feel this will be a shocking outcome.’

Such legal analysis from Kim Kardashian. WOW! What news. So Kim thinks that mere conflicting stories raises reasonable doubt, really? A little tip to Miss Kardashian, THIS AIN’T OJ. One really must wonder whether Kim Kardashian has really watched any of the past 30 days of the trial in any detail? Has Kim watched defense expert witness after defense expert witness get destroyed on cross by the Prosecution?

Does Kim Kardashian actually follow this case or just get sound bites from the MSM? Oh those conflicting stories, like what? That the Defense would argue in their opening statements that Caylee Anthony drown in a pool and Casey never said her daughter Caylee was dead for 30+ days as she partied it up, went clubbing and shopping. Really? Even though during the State’s case against Casey Anthony, Florida medical examiner Dr. G stated that 100% of accidental drownings included a 911 call. Need we remind Kim that there was none in this case.

Picture: Blink on Crime, Read the full story HERE.

As for those conflicting stories that Kim references, maybe she missed that fact that Cindy Anthony all but perjured herself on the witness stand trying to protect her daughter from the death penalty saying that it was her who made the computer searches of chloroform. Cindy claimed she was home doing computer searches when her employment time cards stated she was at work. Needless to say that the State has added two rebuttal witnesses from Gentiva, Cindy’s employer at the time, who will most certainly show that the lied. These witnesses will include a Gentiva IT individual, rut-roh!

Another news flash to Kim Kardashian, of course there are conflicting stories, that usually happens when one commits a crime, DUH! What criminal who is convicted ever actually tells the truth and admits what they did during a death penalty trial? Kim, waiting for an answer. Still waiting.

Hey Kim … stick to reality TV and buying shoes, please.

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