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May 31, 2006


Posted in: Aruba,Beth Holloway,Dave Holloway,Media,Natalee Holloway,Travel

Steve Dunleavy of the New York Post is never at a loss for words. This article is no exception.

NY Post

“As for me – I once spent a vacation there, but I wouldn’t go back if they paid me.”

As Mr. Dunleavy managed to talk to Beth in the airport on her way to Montreal, I had the pleasure of talking to her leaving Montreal. We discussed some of the recent goings-on of the case and the one year mark. Beth stated that it was important for her to show Natalee’s room, so people could understand and see what Natalee was like. I for one as did many noticed that Natalee was focused and happy to begin college. It was obvious that she so looked forward to it. A far cry from the words that Joran Van der Sloot has claimed  that Natalee wanted to stay in Aruba.

Beth and I also discussed her new project, the Safe Travels Foundation. Her new web site is up an running. Check it out, please remember its a work in progress. Beth also discusses her web site in the following article from the New York Post.

THE memories for Beth Holloway Twitty came flooding back. Holloway1

Memories of a beautiful young daughter, Natalee, whose passionate love of life vanished on the island of Aruba exactly one year ago today.

But also nightmare memories – of a frustrating, bumbling investigation on the island and ugly threats against her life.

“One of the several threats I received was that if I stayed on the island, I would be chopped up in little pieces, put in a fish trap and floated out to sea,” she said.

John Q. Kelly, her Manhattan-based lawyer, who on the stand chopped O.J. Simpson into little pieces in a civil suit, told me:

“Obviously, we don’t know exactly where those threats came from, and the police there don’t seem to care. But there is a huge back-street drug market on the island and, frankly, a lot of people don’t want Americans poking around there.

“The investigation has been a terrible example of a mixture of utter Dave holloway 1incompetence and corruption.”

Dave Holloway, Natalee’s father and Beth’s ex-husband, told me, “Three weeks after Natalee’s disappearance, the assistant prosecutor, Amalin Flanegin, quit the case.

“She indicated to me she pointed police in the obvious direction . . . and they ignored her.”

I caught up with Beth Holloway on the phone as she was boarding a flight to Montreal to expand an organization she started, Safe Travels Foundation. “It is to inform people before going to foreign places how to proceed locally if faced with a crisis,” she said.

Beth packing

“I’m extremely unwelcome in Aruba, so we could not even have a memorial service for Natalee one year after her disappearance. I’ll never set foot on that island again.”

“Nor will I,” echoed Dave.

As for me – I once spent a vacation there, but I wouldn’t go back if they paid me.

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