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June 14, 2011

Barack Obama Says “I Would Resign” if He Were Anthony Weiner

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It would appear that President Barack Obama is weighing in on the Anthony Weiner “Weinergate” scandal. In an interview with the Today Show, Obama stated that if he was Weiner, “I would resign”. So does that mean that Obama can not bring the weight of his influence and office to ask him to leave, really?

In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry, President Barack Obama said that if he were Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner right now, he would resign in the wake of the scandal in which Weiner admitted to sending explicit photos of himself to women online.

However, why is Obama making a comment on the Weiner matter? Is Obama speaking out on the “highly inappropriate’’ actions of Weiner because  Weiner embarrassed his wife and family or is it because he did so to the Democrat party and now is an albatross around the neck of the party?

Obama added that what Weiner did was “highly inappropriate’’ and that he has “embarrassed himself” and his wife and family, but said it will ultimately come down to a decision by Weiner and his constituents as to whether he will continue in office.

“I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign,’’ Obama told Curry.

More at the Gateway Pundit, including the disgraceful naked pics that Weiner took of himself in the Congressional gym. BTW Obama, could you resign as well?

However, as Weiner dodges the fire of his pathetic actions in sex rehab, the House Ethics Committee begins an ethics inquiry into the actions of Congressman Weiner (D-NY). Ever wonder whats wrong with our government? The tax payers are paying for Weiner’s two week leave of absence as he attends sex rehab vacation so he can some house save his political career. How could Democrats allow Weiner to retain his Committees?

“I think this kind of behavior is unacceptable,” Cantor said. “I’m hoping that they (Democrats) will begin to move, if he does not resign, toward things like perhaps stripping him of his committees. I don’t think we have time for this. We obviously have a lot of other issues to be concerned with.”

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