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May 24, 2006

Aruba Needs Greenspan To Help Curb MEP

Posted in: Aruba,Economy,Natalee Holloway

GreenspanBecause if the ruling party, MEP, has its way the country will be experiencing inflation at a record level after they enact a series of legislation that will wreak havoc with the  country and cause widespread inflation.

During last years elections, there was very little debate as Aruba was scared to death that anyone would mention Natalee Holloway out loud. So the partys had a non debate and MEP won by a very slim margin. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Facing dwindling tax revenue due to airport revenue dropping, tourism dissipating, and cruise ships fleeing, the MEP Party is looking for  new ways to generate  revenue for the island of Aruba’s government. Notice I did not say island of Aruba, they could solve that if they worked hard to find Natalee.

Nope, I said find revenue for the government to continue their Ostrich Agenda. So now they are contemplating a series of taxes and governmental fees that will reduce drastically the purchasing  power of the people of the island, increase the cost for the  few  tourists still coming to the  island, just to make sure that MEP has enough money to spend on itself running the government. That will keep the people happy and overlook all of the past failures of the  country this past year.

As AM Digital says so well, “It is always said the people will get the Government that they deserve and this also proves it now.”

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