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March 24, 2005

Its Like Execution With No Crime

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The Vatican weighed in today on the Terri Schiavo case “saying that removing the brain-damaged American woman’s feeding tube amounted to capital punishment for someone who has committed no crime.”strong>

It said Whittemore had condemned Schiavo to an ”atrocious death: death from hunger and thirst.”

”After all, Terri’s destiny appears not unlike that of many men and women who in the United States get capital punishment for their crimes,” the paper said

”But Terri has committed no crimes, if not that of being ‘useless’ to the eyes of a society incapable of appreciating and defending the gift of life. Of any life.”

What seems to be the prevailing wisdom or lack thereof by initially Judge Greer and then the preceding Justices is a mentality of a ”society incapable of appreciating and defending the gift of life.” Obviously, the Holy Father is against the death penalty even for convicted felons but to take a precious life that has done no wrong.

We will never know 100% what Terri’s wishes ever would have been but as the editorial stated:

”She has no possibility of being ‘restored’ to a ‘normal’ life. Therefore Terri Schiavo must die,” the L’Osservatore editorial said in its interpretation of the judge’s ruling.

The same could be said for many end state diseases and for Alzheimer’s patients who go on to live for many years. These decisions by the Court amaze me in the sense that not only does it disregard life it puts a number value a so called living a “normal life.” That being said maybe the Courts would like to make the same ruling of immediate death of convicted criminals.

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