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May 28, 2011

Classless POS Larry Flynt Calls Trig Palin a “Brain Dead Virtual Vegetable”

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More PDS … Palin Delusion Syndrome, Smut Peddler Edition.

There is a special spot in hell for those that would make such comments at children with Downs Syndrome. Make some room for Larry Flynt, who has now gotten into the mix of a classless and disgusting venue of bashing Trig Palin, the son of Sarah Palin. Flynt called Trig, “It’s brain dead. A virtual vegetable.”

In a new interview with the London Independent newspaper, Flynt rambled from topic to topic until he settled on Palin, who is considering whether to run for the Republican nomination for president this year.

Then, he went after Trig, saying, “She did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down’s Syndrome. It’s brain dead. A virtual vegetable.”

Unbelievable, so Flynt thinks that every child with Down’s should be aborted. What a class act. We already knew Flynt was a scumbag, but to go after children with disabilities and the parents who decide to take the responsibility to raise children with Down’s is even low for a smut peddler like Larry Flynt. However, as stated at Big Journalism, should we really expect much less? Imagine a man who makes a living off the exploitation of women, actually hates a woman.

A note to the LEFT and the delusional, you can hate an adult all you want as the loony left does with Sarah Palin. However, what part about children are off limits don’t you get? Seriously, have you no souls? I do not care what political party one belongs to … YOU DO NOT GO AFTER CHILDREN!

UPDATE I: Larry Flynt‘s Not Sorry for Calling Trig Palin ’Brain Dead…Virtual Vegetable’

A note to Larry Flynt, I wonder if his mother would have had him if she knew what he would turn out to be? Just using his own words as they pertain to Flynt.

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