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May 09, 2006

Diario: Something smells in Matter of the Lighthouse in the case of Natalee Holloway

Posted in: Aruba,Deepak Kalpoe,Joran Van der Sloot,Natalee Holloway

Diario; May 5, 2006: Procesverbaalnan tur ta mustra cu tin cos ta hole den ASUNTO DI LIGHT HOUSE DEN CASO NATALEE

All police reports show that something smells in, Matter of the Lighthouse in the case of Natalee SM California Lighthouse

Do all roads lead to the California Light House in Aruba? Not when it comes to the ever changing story by Joran Van der Sloot. Although his attorney states he only changes his story a couple of times, many of us know better. The purpose of a cover up and to conceal a crime is to confuse the issues, talk about matters that do not pertain to anything and muddy the waters. If one lies enough continually, do the lies become the truth? Are there shark infested waters in Aruba like the ones that Joran claimed that Natalee Holloway wanted to see?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, we did. We actually did stop in front of my house.Aruba 3 suspects We got to my house and then, yes then I — then she said she wanted to go see sharks.
VAN SUSTEREN: Why sharks?
VAN DER SLOOT: I have no idea why she wanted to go see sharks and so I was laughing and telling her there’s no sharks.

Sometimes sharks walk on two legs.

No matter how long it lasts or how many people believe that they will be able to cover things up forever in the case of Natalee, the truth will come out and as DIARIO has already published: few words are necessary for those who are good listeners.(DIARIO)

It would appear in the very beginning the three suspects told the police that they drove Natalee Holloway to the light house before they dropped her off at the Holiday Inn. We know they Holiday Inn story is false; however, why would they have to lie about going to the light house? Especially since Joran claimed that’s what SM CnC close viewNatalee wanted to do.

The trio, who told police they met Holloway at a night club and drove her to a lighthouse, were questioned by police shortly after the teen disappeared May 30. They claimed to have dropped Holloway off at her hotel, where they last saw her being approached by a black man. That testimony led to the arrest of two former security guards, who were released from custody late Monday.

The three young men have been in police custody since last Thursday. They have since changed their accounts of what happened at the lighthouse and afterward. (FOX)

SM California Lighthouse 2

So which is it Joran? Did you or did you not go to the lighthouse? How can such an issue as to whether you went to a light house or not with Natalee Holloway be so difficult to answer? First you did, then you didn’t.

At first, Joran van der Sloot himself declared that they went to the SM VIew of Palm Beach from Lighthouse1lighthouse and that he, himself, told the Kalpoe brothers to go in the direction of the lighthouse while Joran ‘supposedly’ was sitting in the backseat of the car with Natalee.

During other interrogations which continued, Joran van der Sloot himself radically changed his declaration in what concerns the matter of the lighthouse and it could even be observed that the way that Joran got to hear that the Kalpoe brothers did indeed declare and were firm on the matter of going to the lighthouse, Joran became like an angry bear. (DIARIO)

We learn from one of the original suspects, Mickey John, in a CNN interview that Deepak told him while in jail that the three went to the California Light House.

The missing girl was in the backseat behind Deepak, and the other guy was in the backseat behind his brother, and they drove down to the California lighthouse. He didn’t tell me what took place at the lighthouse.

We thought your parents said they taught you to tell the truth?

We are telling the whole truth, nothing but the truth. And we’ve always told Joran to tell the truth.”

How many interviews have we had to sit through and hear your parents tell us that they taught you to tell the truth? The fact of the matter is, why lie? For what purpose would you have that you could not tell the same story regarding the light house? You stated you lied initially about the Holiday Inn because you were scared. So why would one continue to tell different versions of a story after you were arrested? Wouldn’t that he the time to take your parent’s advice? Or were you? We cannot even get the same story as to whether Natalee was drunk or not from Joran, the Kalpoes, or even Joran’s attorney.

Today DIARIO has reproduced a part of the controversial declarations Joran VDSthat Joran first made on the matter of the lighthouse, which he accuses the Kalpoe brothers of lying about going there and today, everyone can read how Joran was changing his version every time.

In one declaration alone, he contradicted himself even on the matter of going to Noordkant [northern tip] with Natalee. At first, Joran declared that Natalee herself asked to go to the North side of the island to see sharks (a very ridiculous proposition in the darkness of night; neither day nor night can one see sharks on the Aruban shores).

Afterwards, later in the same interrogation, Joran tells police: “At no time did Natalee ask to go to the north side of Aruba!” (DIARIO)

Joran Van der Sloot further denies going to the light house during his interview with Greta Van Susteren.

And they’re saying also that we went to the lighthouse when we never even went to the lighthouse.

So which is it? While we are asking whether or not you went to the light house, we might as well also ask whether you ever walked on the beach and left Natalee at the Fisherman’s Huts as you claim? This is the problem with lying and credibility. What have you ever done or said to earn it? So Natalee Holloway stated she wanted you to do two things. She wanted to see sharks and said to her friends as seen in the Dutch re-enactment TV show , that you would bring her back to the hotel. You did neither.

Why do innocent people lie again?

FULL DIARIO TRANSLATION, Hat Tip: Getagrip (Also Klaasend)

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