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May 08, 2006

Destination Las Vegas; Travel, News and Stories

Posted in: Fun,Travel

Red Rock Canyon – A Rock Climbing Mecca Right Next to Las Vegas

What makes this opportunity even better is that Red Rock Canyon is only 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip.
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Las Vegas – Going Upscale In a Hurry

Older hotels are being torn down to make room for upscale properties that charge room rates you would expect to find in most major cities. The traffic for the strip is now upscale as conventions, business travelers, and folks with lots of disposable income are flocking into the city and demand for the better things in life is now the rule.

Las Vegas and Other Airports Have Successful 2005

Hooters Hotel Casino Open in Las Vegas

The former San Remo property has been “hooterized.” Final touches are being put on the rooms, including bar tables and stools complete with bright orange lighting.

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