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May 23, 2011

Has Sarah Palin Bought a House in Scottsdale Arizona … Political Run?

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Did she or didn’t she?

Rumor has it that Sarah Palin has bought a home in Scottsdale, Arizona. If so, it would certainly make a run for the 2012 Presidential election easier in the lower 48 than from Alaska. But speculation is abound as the property was purchased by an LLC. So, is this a run for the 2012 White House or for retiring Republican Jon Kyl’s US Senate seat?


ABC15 also reporting of the suspected real estate purchase, or rumors thereof.

Saturday outside a North Scottsdale home speculated to be the new property belonging to Sarah Palin, a black SUV with an Alaska license plate pulled up and asked our ABC15 crew to leave the area immediately.

The driver wouldn’t comment on whether Palin plans to move in so she can set up shop for a possible 2012 presidential run. But plenty of others are commenting.

“It’s the best place you could buy a second home in the entire United States,” said realtor Jeff Sibbach, who sells high end homes for John Hall & Associates. “It’s all speculation right now.”

That’s because nothing in the MLS says Sarah Palin.

I have to tend to agree with PJ Media, The Tatler, Palin bout a home right in the middle of one of the biggest issues that exists in politics today, illegal immigration. Far be it from Palin not to take on such an issue that Obama has failed so miserably on and is in direct contrast with “We the People”.

One thing is for certain, Saracuda has them buzzing again as to what her future plans are. BTW, before the LEFT starts making remarks of “carpet-bagging” if she goes after the retiring Senate seat of Jon Kyle, we just have two words … Hillary Clinton. As for the references to house/palace, how soon they forget the home many homes of Democrat Al Gore and the little shack of former NC Senator John Edwards. However, its safe to say in this real estate purchase if done by Sarah Palin, Tony Rezko was not involved.

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