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May 08, 2011

Casey Anthony Attorney Jose Baez Says This Case Will Not Define Him on Verge of Jury Selection … Wanna Bet!

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No way Jose … oh contraire mon frere, the Casey Anthony case will most certain define your career. Talk about your lack of confidence going into a case. Win, Lose or Draw … Baez entire career will be a result of the Casey Anthony case.

Pic From Baez Law Firm.com: Just curious, if one does not think the case will not define them, why do you have a pic from a VIDEO of the Casey/Caylee Anthony case on your web site? Just saying.

As reported by the Orlando Sentinel,  Jose Baez, the defense attorney for Casey Anthony in the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony, stated that he will not be defined by this case. Really? Looks like Baez is going into the case with a lack of comprehension and enormity of the case. Any one who thinks that the Casey/Caylee Anthony murder case is doing going to define Baez’s career, must also think that the trunk that smelled like a dead body was in it, really does think it was a pizza.

He maintained he is committed to the case, but insisted his career will not be defined by the Casey Anthony case.

“To define my career – I still say no,” he told the group of reporters gathered inside the restaurant. “And I say that because I will move on to other cases. This is not my last case.”

This is a rather peculiar tack to take on the eve of jury selection in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Baez has hardly any legal trial reputation to fall back on in his career. Or is defending the jaywalker and individual parked in front of a fire hydrant what will define Mr. Baez? All joking aside, Casey Anthony hardly wants her case to go the way of  Nilton Diaz, a Lake County man arrested in the death of a popular boxer’s granddaughter. Diaz was found guilty of murder.

I have news to the barrister, of course the Casey Anthony case is going to define Jose Baez career. If Baez gets Casey Anthony off of a murder charge, which is highly unlikely unless Baez plans on selling his soul to the Devil and plans on taking Keanu Reeve’s place in a Devil’s Advocate, part deux, or should we say part dos. If Baez won, it would be akin to F. Lee Baily who was forever known for the Sam Sheppard case. Even Johnny Cochrain, an attorney with a tremendous career was forever known as representing O.J. Simpson in his acquittal. However, I do not see Baez saying during the upcoming trial, “If the smell of death in the trunk does not fit, then you must acquit.”

However, if you lose and lose in a major way, you’re name will be mud. Ask Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden how their reputations were affected by the OJ trial. That is not to say that Baez has already had his share of “blowfly” gaffes and mockeries of the law. Imagine if any attorney had the chance of making a deal for their client and getting them to serve 7-15 years, but instead insisting on having a case go to trial and having their client wind up with a murder conviction and the rest of their life in prison. Not to say that is going to happen to you Jose, but that hat looks good on you though.

“I deeply care about the practice of law and I deeply care about the side that I’m on, the things that I do,” Baez said. “I wouldn’t do it with as much passion if I really didn’t believe it.”

The attorney said he’s not nervous.

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