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March 22, 2005

Another Iraqi Tipping Point

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We have been waiting for the Iraqi’s to take charge and take control of their country. Once this occurred the US would not have to hear from Europeans and the Democratic party that we are occupiers. The people who most want the US and Iraqi people to fail have hoped that friction would always occur between the US and Iraqi people. Than things started to change and GWB’s vision started to get a lot clearer. First the Iraqi elections took place. Then more and more Iraqi’s joined the military and police to defend and protect their country. Iraqi’s started taking ownership back of their country.

Now we have the people of Iraq sick and tired of terrorists killing innocent Iraqi people. The Iraqi people are rising up and saying, “we are sick and tired of it and we are not going to take it anymore.

Militants in the northern city of Mosul targeted a U.S. patrol with a roadside bomb Tuesday that killed four civilians, and Baghdad shopkeepers and residents traded gunfire with masked insurgents, killing three of them along a main thoroughfare.

militants wearing black hoods and riding in three cars opened fire on people shopping on a main street. Shopkeepers and residents returned fire, killing three assailants. A man, woman and child were injured and taken to a hospital.

Maybe, just maybe the Iraqi people are starting to figure out that the US is on their side, the US will back them up, and that it is their responsibility to ultimately take their country back from the terrorists who wish them harm.

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