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May 02, 2011

More Media Bias: Behar & Walters on ‘The View’ Politicize Death of Bin Laden … “Just Cancel 2012 Election Now”

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Democrats never learn …

Both Joy Behar and Barbara Walters of ‘The View’ decided to politicize the death of Osama Bin Laden and declared that the 2012 Presidential election was over, Republicans need not apply. A partisan Barbara Walters stated after Bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals … “Just Cancel 2012 Election Now” and proclaimed “I would hate now to be a Republican candidate thinking of running.”

From Newsbusters:

Liberal comedienne Joy Behar played off a months-old comment by token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Behar crowed, “As Elisabeth always says, they should just skip the next election.”

As the crew sat next to guest Brian Ross, Hasselbeck refused to join in: “Wait a minute. I think it is insane to politicize this event right now and I refuse to partake in that.”

How sad that Behar and Walters could not give credit where credit was due and that was to Navy Seal Team 6. However, liberals are so quick to give Obama all the credit because they know such a foreign policy act was so far outside his normal comfort zone that they best take credit.

The elite team of Navy SEALs tapped for the job were a group who were stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach.

The team is part of a counterterrorism group so specialized that no one can apply to join it. The operatives are recruited from existing SEAL teams. They are an elite group within the elite.

There are many issues with Obama and his minions taking all the credit for the death of Osama Bin laden, the fact of the matter is had Obama’s policies and executive orders been in place following September 11 … the intelligence that bagged Bin laden would never have come to fruition. Barack Obama was been wrong on the War on Terror, GITMO, the surge in Iraq and water boarding. Those are the facts.

The death of Osama Bin Laden is the ultimate liberal Democrat Barack Obama hypocrisy. The LEFT and Obama railed on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for using water boarding and referred to it as torture, yet Obama had no problem using the “fruits of the poisonous tree” to kill and take credit for killing Osama Bin Laden. Now that is hypocrisy. Where was the outcry from the LEFT?

Also, will the death of Osama Bin Laden change the US economy, unemployment out of control government spending, federal deficits and the the ever rising cost of gas? The answer is no. It would appear that Behar and Walters might need a history lesson. Obviously they have forgot the high poll numbers of former President George W.W. Bush following the Gulf War who ultimately lost to Bill Clinton due to a poor economy.

UPDATE I: More Obama hypocrisy pointed out by The Lonely Conservative. Does Obama have no shame? Obama was against every method of interrogation that brought light to evidence that began the process of killing Osama Bin Laden. If it were up to Obama, he never would have been able to to to Ground Zero and declare victory.

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