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April 27, 2011

Barack Obama, “Why So Serious?” Obama Channels “Batman” & “An American President”: Obama Says Its Time to Get Serious, Really Barack When Will You Deal with Jobs, Gas Prices, Unemployment, Federal Debt, Middle East, etc

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President Andrew Shepherd Barack Obama must have been watching many movies this weekend including, “An American President” and Michael Douglas as “The One” did his best imitation of Michael Douglass. Although Obama missed the part about the President of the United States being all about character.

Don’t you think that Obama’s speech sounds a bit like Andrew Shepherd? Maybe he should have provided attribution … ‘We have serious problems to solve and we need serious people to solve them … this is a time for serious people and your 15 minutes are up. My name is Barack Obama Andrew Shepherd and I am the President “. Wow, in listening to this, its sounds much like the typical Democrat playbook, even going after the guns. Replace ACLU card with certificate of live birth.

President Barack Obama says in the below VIDEO that its time to get serious. He also stated that over the past 2 or 2 – 1/2 years that he has watched in amusement the issue over his birth certificate. Really, with just amusement. It would appear that you did more than that having your lawyers prevent the release of your birth certificate.

So President Barack Obama now says these are serious times and normally he would not comment on things like this. However, Obama got incensed and insulted that after he made a speech on his budget, TAKE TWO, on a continued ruinous path for the United States with deficit spending … Obama could not believe the dominate story was his birth certificate. how dare those peons question the Obamamessiah. After all Barry O has just been so truthful and transparent during his time in office. Why do people question Obama’s palce of birth? Maybe because they have learned that Obama cannot state facts himself and that it is no longer but spin out of his mouth, but lies. As reported by Jake Tapper of ABC News, the week that Obama made his speech the #1 story was not Obama’s birth certificate as Barack claims. Tapper states, “according to Pew’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, that week the dominant news story was without question the economy”. What Obama lie, never.

Obama went on to say, I just want to make a larger point, we have some enormous challenges out there … we are going to have to make a series of difficult choice … but we are not going to do it if we are distracted or vilify each other, if we just make stuff up.

Just curious Barack Obama … WHY SO SERIOUS?

Since Obama took office, the economy has been terrible, job creation has been anemic, federal spending has made drunken sailors blush as Obama and Democrats focused on a socialist agenda of Obamacare. However, now that gas prices have more than doubled since Obama took office and his job approval ratings are back to when the GOP routed the Dems in the 2010 midterm elections. Suddenly Obama wants to get serious and stop the distractions and vilification. Too bad this “not ready for prime time” president could not do as he says himself.

Are you joking President Obama? All you, Democrats and your minions have done since you have been in office is distract and vilify Republicans, the Tea party and anyone who dare question the Obamamessiah. When Obama has not been playing one of his 63+ rounds of golf or yet another vacation, you have been demonizing or blaming others for your pathetic Presidency. As a matter of fact, you could not even finish your presser without vilifying Donald Trump by calling him a “carnival barker”.


After the Tuscon, Arizona shooting Obama said that all should learn from this and act in a more civil manner. Yet, that call to action of civility was not meant for those in the Democrat party. They have continually called the GOP racists, Nazi’s and every other name in the book because it’s ok for Democrats to have a pass and the MSM not to question them.

Barack Obama … WHY SO SMALL?

The question that will continue to haunt Obama is why if his “long form” birth certificate had nothing embarrassing or incriminating on it, why would Obama have let this issue fester forever and far too long that it damaged him in the polls to the point where most all questioned whether he was definitely born in the USA. How does a President, unless the are a rank, out of touch amateur, allow an issue that would seemingly be so benign and minor become an out of control forest fire issue? Question, why now? Then forced to do the unthinkable and reduce the Presidency and have to call a presser to address Donald Trump and the birth certificate issue. Obama was Trumped punked. What but a political neophyte allows them self to get into a lose-lose situation? Not only should this have been nipped in the bud, but it went on so long that Eric Cantor was right to criticize President Obama for addressing the birth certificate controversy due to political incompetence. How does the leader of the free world get caught up in such a silly issue? With all that is going on … Obama has to have a presser to prove he was born in Hawaii. And we though William Clinton diminished the office of the President.

It is obvious that not only cannot this President communicate anything to WE THE PEOPLE, it is also obvious that Americans do not trust him. Americans have given up on giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. Americans elected Obama to handle to serious issues of the day and all they got was a slogan of “Hope & Change” where all the people can do in 2012 is “HOPE” for a “CHANGE”.

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