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April 26, 2011

What Barack Obama, No Easter Greating … Then Scoffing at Media Questions

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From the president who never met a Muslin holiday he did not like or did not feel the need to issue a public proclamation for comes Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of an Easter message. What is wrong with this President that he cannot seem fit to issue a public proclamation for a Christan holiday? Is this a character flaw or is there a more insidious issue?

Just when I thought the current team running the White House might have used up all its allotted mistakes comes word that President Obama failed to issue either an Easter or a Good Friday greeting to the nation.

Now, let’s forget for a moment that these greetings, which presidents issue on many holidays and commemorations of events, are largely perfunctory and symbolic gestures that nobody cares about.

Then to make matters worse, Obama’s own Presidential Press Secretary Carney laughs off  Barack Obama not giving and  Easter statement. What is wrong with this Administration? Seriously.

As reported at The Hill:

Carney also scoffed at media reports calling out the White House for not releasing a statement commemorating Easter on Sunday, explaining Obama and his family attended church services in Washington.

“The president went to church yesterday, it was well-covered. I’m not sure if we put out a statement or not. He obviously personally celebrated Easter with his family,” he said.

When a reporter asked how Carney could not know whether the White House issued a statement, Carney shot back, “I’m glad you are asking me these key important questions, guys.

“As a devoted Christian, he believes it is a very important holiday for him personally, his family and people all around the country,” he added.

How does Obama and his minions justify that he would make public comments and statements regarding Muslim holiday, but not the “resurrection of Christ”? The Gateway Pundit provides us with some previous Obama comments. Then when asked, they laugh? I am sure millions of Christians will not find any of this humorous when they go to the election polls in 2012. This arrogant and incompetent WH must go.

Is it any wonder by these actions why so many people think that Obama is a Muslim? Obama seems to be feeding the beast.

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