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April 09, 2006

The Aruba Theory of Relativity; Dompig and the Kalpoes

Posted in: Aruba,Bizarre,Deepak Kalpoe,Gerold Dompig,Natalee Holloway

Aruba Relativity

(Vanderbilt – ‘06)

Just when you thought that the theory of relativity meant one thing, in Aruba it seems to have a whole different meaning. The latest controversy of whether the Kalpoes and former lead investigator Gerold Dompig are related has arose again. Let alone the prospects that Dompig is the brother in law of  Boeti, a supposed witness to seeing Natalee Holloway who is as credible as the sand dune witness who stated they knew where Natalee was buried.

We are over ten months into an investigation into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and there is still a question as to whether the lead investigator Gerold Dompig is actually related to the Kalpoe brothers. One would think that any conflict like an investigator being related to two of the three prime suspects would have been asked and answered months ago. However, not in Aruba.

Last night on Fox News, “The Line Up”, the following comments were said:

Kimberly said so this guy is apparently related to Dompig to the chief investigator and then we also hear reports that Dompig is related to the Kalpoe brothers have you heard that? Beth said yes actually she heard that from Michael Dompig himself Gerald Dompig’s son and Michael told her this in from of several witnesses and one of them happened to be Craig Rivera that he made no bones about it that they are related to the Kalpoes they are cousins. Kimberly said doesn’t understand this, this to her is shocking somebody who’s in charge of an investigation that is being watched internationally is related to drug dealer suspect guy who is suppose to be a credible witness the malign your daughter saying that she was using drugs and he’s related apparently to two of the three primary suspects I mean give me a break it take a year to remove someone like that from an investigation.

Just yet another reason for people to trust the credibility of this investigation. Conflicts of interest seem to be no matter as its “all relative”.






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