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April 05, 2006

Body Found in Aruban Quadirikiri Caves

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Reports coming off the island of Aruba are showing that a body was found in a cave group called  the Quadirikiri Caves. The body was reported to have been seen on fire by a local woman who immediately contacted the police. Initial concerns thought that it could be Natalee Holloway, but as reports came in and the story clarified we determined that this was not the case.

Later reports were that the body was of a male who perished in the incident or had previously been deceased. Further reports show the person was a male..his head was bashed in, and his legs were cut off, and he was lit on fire. This is not going to look good for the next “One Happy Island” campaign.


This map has them as the Quadirikiri Caves. They are in Arikok Park near the Fontein Cave and also near where the fabric was found. 

Most visitors don’t expect to find underground caves on a tropical island. At the Quadirikir 1Guadirikiri cave, sunlight filters through two inner chambers, providing the perfect photo opportunity for cave explorers. The cave’s 100-foot long tunnel is home to hundreds of harmless bats. Nearby, the Fontein cave is testimony to Aruba’s native population. Still-visible drawings by the Arawak Indians decorate the cave’s ceilings and are a powerful reminder of the island’s indigenous history. Couples aren’t the only ones who will want to visit the Tunnel of Love, so-called because of its heart-shaped entrance. A 300-foot long tunnel winds through eerie rock formations and narrow passages. Helmets and flashlights can be rented for $6 at the entrances to both the Guadirikiri and Tunnel of Love caves.
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Quadirikir 3

(Quadirikiri Area)

Quadirikir 2

Quadirikir 4

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