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April 21, 2011

Absolutely Despicable: Wonkette Editor Jack Stuef … Reprehensible Birthday Greeting to Sarah Palin’s Son Trig

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE LEFT? … YOU ACTUALLY THINK THE IS FUNNY OR APPROPRIATE! This is how the LEFT honors a baby’s birthday with special needs.

File this one under, UNREAL. Those on the LEFT have lost their souls. Sorry, but there is no justification or rational behind attacking a child with Down Syndrome. NONE!!!  This is pathetic and sick, even for Wonkette. Sorry, I will never link to such a most; however, will do so to Mediaite.com as they report on this hateful and insensitive story. Who knew that jokes about Down Syndrome,  incest, child rape, and fetal alcohol syndrome was humor. But when the LEFT attacks Sarah Palin, all things are perfectly ok. Imagine if those at Wonkette made similar comments about Obama’s daughters.

Political humor website Wonkette has long been trending toward nihilistic snark for snark’s sake, but Jack Stuef’s column “honoring” Trig Palin’s birthday is about the most irredeemably vile, unfunny thing I’ve ever seen. As if jokes about Trig’s Down Syndrome aren’t bad enough on their own, Stuef goes the extra mile to pen kneeslappers about incest, child rape, and fetal alcohol syndrome. I don’t want to reproduce too much of it here, but this quote is fairly representative:

News Busters states it best … “What has become of today’s liberalism that makes it acceptable to attack the mentally handicapped if they or their parents are conservatives?” Seriously folks, you mean the LEFT who claim to champion the underdog and the down trodden find it perfectly ok to attack a child with Downs as long as their parents do not agree with their political agenda. ARE YOU THAT SICK!

The hideous post went as follows:

That strange man yelling unintelligibly at Sarah Palin? He’s merely a lowly shepherd proclaiming the birth of our savior. Today is the day we come together to celebrate the snowbilly grifter’s magical journey from Texas to Alaska to deliver to the America the great gentleman scholar Trig Palin. Is Palin his true mother? Or was Bristol? (And why is it that nobody questions who the father is? Because, either way, Todd definitely did it.) It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are privileged to live in a time when we can witness the greatest prop in world political history.

UPDATE I: Weasel Zippers reporting that Wonkette getting hit where it hurts, the wallet. Advertisers are pulling their ads from the site after this most distasteful display of inhumanity.

As stated by Hugh Hewitt, next time you need a pizza, call Papa John’s or diaper get some Huggies as a show of appreciation.

UPDATE II: Dana Loesch at Big Journalism reports first Wonkette deleted comments, then they deleted Stuef’s byline. Now this. Sorry Stuef, but who used Trig as a political prop? You might want to take a good look in the mirror.

UPDATE: I regret this post and using the word “retarded” in a reference to Sarah Palin’s child. It’s not nice, and is not necessary, but I take responsibility for writing it. For those who came and are offended by this post: I’m sorry, of course. But I stand by my criticism of Sarah Palin using her child as a political prop.

–Jack Stuef

Let this be a reminder to all … Freedom of Speech is a double edgedsword. You might have the right to say or print crap; however, We the People have the right to react accordingly and use our First Amendment Rights to counteract your hate.


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